Why I Am Not Worried

About the Things That I Am Worried About

It’s hard not to worry when there’s so much to worry about. I worry about the world. My nan was a worrier, and so was my mum. So I guess it’s in my genes.

When I was a teenager, I was worried about nuclear war, Thatcher’s thinly disguised fascism, sexism in the media. I also worried about my body shape, and whether I was too off the wall for people to really like me.

All this worrying led me to drugs, where I discovered a blissful respite to my troubles, a new sense of freedom and peace. I discovered my spirituality: a sense of connectedness and an experience of harmony with the world. Realising that drugs were not a long-term solution to mine and the world’s ills, I looked for other means to experience that spiritual peace that didn’t involve any further damage to my body and mind. Which is how I happened on raw foods and yoga back in 91.

I share this now as a way of illustrating that for me raw foods has of course been a very personal and self-transformative path, as it is for us all. But equally my original motivations were as much political and spiritual. I was looking for a spiritual revolution, and I still believe that that is what we need, right now more than ever.

Nauyaca Waterfalls, Costa Rica, 2015

Nauyaca Waterfalls, Costa Rica, 2015

Currently, these are some of the things I worry about:

  • Donald Trump
  • Brexit
  • The EU regulations that threaten my livelihood
  • The responsibility of being a single mum
  • The barely disguised fascism of our present government
  • The unrelenting sexism I face daily
  • The fact that people still rampantly consume and destroy the Earth’s resources and act with a lack of environmental awareness, when we’ve known that this is problematic for at least a couple of generations now.

I could go on, but you get the picture. All of these are very real and pertinent worries. If I choose to focus on them, I feel anxious, sick, depressed. Which is not how I want to live.

But it seems to me that in the last few decades, the world has been taking a nosedive. All the things I worried about as a sensitive teenager haven’t got any better, rather, they have got visibly worse. It’s hard not to worry, when you discover the reality of the Fukishama disaster, a reality that isn’t depicted in the mainstream media at all, but could quite possibly be the worst man-made environmental disaster that has yet occurred. How can we do anything about it when most people aren’t even aware it’s happening? It’s hard not to worry when the EFSA, an organisation that is not democratically elected but nonetheless has the right to govern us, is trying to put me out of business, and stop the supply of herbs to European countries, and again, hardly anyone seems to be particularly concerned about doing anything to halt them.

On the other hand, look how we have progressed since the 80s. I have achieved stuff, good stuff, that diminishes the massive sense of disempowerment I experienced as a teenager. Countless other individuals have also been creating, achieving,and progressing in their fields, to create a myriad of positive alternatives to the current global system; quite likely you who are reading this can think of the positive impact you have had on people’s lives and the health of our planet.

On a personal level, my life is infinitely better than it was when I set out on this path. And this isn’t happenstance, this is a direct result of my walking this way. As I am fond of repeating, when we align, the universe aligns with us. When we move from a place of deep love and peace, love and peace is magnetised to us. The web of synchronicities that has always pervaded my life grows more entangled day by day.

Some of it hurts my head to think about. Coincidences piled on top of coincidences, signs leading to more signs, all taking me to the treasure. It’s a veritable rabbit hole of cosmic flow that is incomprehensible to human rationale. This is the magic! This is what I dedicated my life to. Surrendering to the divine momentum that takes us over when we allow it, and being its spokesperson. In all ways, small ways and big ways, I strive to remind myself as much as anyone else, of the power that guides and protects us as much as we give it permission to.

And so, while my reasons to worry increase, so does my faith grow stronger. It’s a messed up world we live in. One that could all too easily make me give up hope. But when we view our problems from this place of connectedness, we are reminded that anything is possible.

Connectedness means joined up thinking. It means left and right hemispheres working in union. It means using both halves of our brain! That’s the challenge we have been given today, as I see it. We are used to relying on one part of our brains to make decisions, we hone and refine a particular set of neurological pathways to be our problem solvers. Maybe you are the left brain person who fixes things. Maybe you are the right brain person who has a way of muddling through with trust and good intentions. But that’s not enough anymore. We are increasingly being presented with challenges, on a personal and a global level, that demand joined-up thinking in order to solve them. When we use our analytical, solution-seeking left hemisphere alongside our right-brained sense of love and trust, that’s when miracles happen.

Try it, do it, count them. Remember the moments when the most apposite song for that situation came on the radio. When the person you were wanting to see appeared with perfect timing. When the work you were seeking appeared from a totally unexpected source. When the money you needed was there just before disaster struck. When everything seemed to be going wrong until you realised this was just a new and better direction you were going in. These are what I call miracles. Heaven-sent reassurances. My daily life is littered with them. It would be very churlish, spoilt and ungrateful of me not to assume that a universe that can, say, arrange for five people to randomly and independently contact me on the same day with answers to a problem they didn’t even know I had, cannot sort out all our present troubles. This magic isn’t mine; it’s a power I have tapped into, and it’s there for us all.  I have piles and piles of evidence that the universe cares for me so very much, so very deeply, and I believe it cares for us all in this way. Why would it lavish so much attention on little old me and not feel this way about the whole of humanity? How could it not help us turn everything around when the time is right? If it can sort out parking spaces, tune the radio, and schedule meetings, why would it neglect to help us with global warming and nuclear fall-out?

So, I try not to worry. I employ my left-brain to create practical solutions to the problems I see before me. I employ my right-brain to visualise peaceful and harmonious situations to those problems. Step by step I know I am doing all I can. And I know I couldn’t ask for a greater ally than the miraculous magical universe that works with me.

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  • Maria says:

    Great post! Yes there is so much to worry about, but work towards a better future is a pain reliefer. Trying your best every day and not punish yourself when you fall off for some days. ❤

  • Tanya Carter says:

    Thanks Kate for sharing, its good to know we all have random and the same worries, its good to know and share backgrounds with many party people and others alike. Its good to be reminded not to worry about the things we worry about. (I like that one, I will be sharing that) I am a long term yoga practitioner and teacher, and the most we can do for each other is accept who we are and who everyone else is with all their flaws, faults and of course amazingly good bits. Be honest and love everyone as much as possible. Keep shining
    Maybe you’d like to come and share some experiences with us at a small awareness camp near The Forest of Dean? Website is

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