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I’m hoping that if you’re reading this, the idea that we co-create our reality with our thoughts, and everything we view around us is simply a projected vision of our own internal state, is an idea that you have come to love and accept. But the concept that we are always seeing mirrors, and mirrors of mirrors, which all go towards making this holographic universe, is something I think still causes confusion so I wanted to expand on it a little.

Firstly, the world is our mirror. We cannot see the world as it is, because as quantum physics has proved, we change a thing merely by looking at it. Just as the face you see in the mirror is the opposite face from the one everyone else sees (which is why we look so different to ourselves in selfies), the life you view around you is seen from the opposing direction by everyone else looking at it. Others can see us more clearly than we ourselves ever will; we always have a twisted perspective on our engagement with the world, because we find it impossible to fully take into account the way we alter the situation by being a part of it.

Love Flower by Jupiter

Love Flower by Jupiter

Knowing that whatever anyone says about you, they are really talking about themselves, is the key to accepting both praise and criticism with equanimity.

When someone passes judgement on me, for better or for worse, I always keep in mind that they are really telling me something about themselves. If someone tells me I am amazing, I am happy because I have brought out the part of them that is amazing.

If someone tells me I am stupid, I am sad, because I have brought out the part of themselves which is stupid.

But whichever way it falls, I try not to take it personally.

I understand that they are ultimately just seeing a part of themselves that they don’t like, in me. I try not to take either the positive or the negative on board, but know they are just projections of the other person’s inner state. The only judgement that really matters is the judgement I pass on myself, which is why it’s important to cultivate self-love and authenticity. Only I can make myself happy, and I shouldn’t give that power away to anyone else.

So, if someone has a positive attitude towards me, I smile and inwardly acknowledge and thank them for their positivity. If someone has a negative attitude towards me, I try and get out of their space as quickly as possible, and have less interaction with them. I do not want to perpetuate the negative energies, but when someone has made a negative judgement about you, it is next to impossible not to make a negative judgement back in return.

Even if we do it with compassion, such as, “she’s only being mean because her mum didn’t give her enough attention and validation when she was a child,” we are still making an assumption that they are less of a person than they could be, and why would they want to be around someone who thinks that way of them? We should always seek to spend time with people who lift us up, who admire and respect us, and seek to make us feel good about ourselves. 

If someone acts with hostility towards me, and I am defensive or aggressive in return, I am feeding those hostile energies in themselves and in me. In Masaru Emoto’s work, he claims that the most distorted, ugly and chaotic patterns happen in the crystalline structure of water when we ignore it completely. Ignoring is the worst thing we can do because if we are not feeding it with our attention, we are not giving it life, and it will die out. Thus, if we do not like something or someone, to not feed it with any kind of attention, but simply to walk away from the situation, is the quickest and most efficient way to remove that scenario from our lives entirely. Of course, we also need to examine why we attracted that particular scenario in in the first place, or we will just attract it in again in another form.

Which brings me to my next point. How do we recognise those patterns in ourselves which come from separation and fear rather than wholeness? And how do we deal with them? What to do about our own projections, the things that we see in others that we don’t like? Everything that makes us uncomfortable in other people is really deep down what we find uncomfortable about ourselves. But, this where it gets confusing, because in a mirror remember, everything is inverted. So for example, if someone treats me badly, and I name the quality that I don’t like in her behaviour, for example, “She’s so arrogant! She genuinely thinks she’s better than everyone else”; doesn’t that mean that I myself am arrogant, and she is simply reflecting that back to me. Well yes, maybe on one level, she is giving me an opportunity to examine my own arrogant streak. But negative thinking is never helpful, when it is about other people, and especially so when it is about ourselves. If we name the behaviour, but in doing so we are telling ourselves something negative about ourselves, that is not constructive or productive. That doesn’t help the other person to grow, nor does it help ourselves. It just makes everyone feel worse. On the other hand, if we don’t name the behaviour, that’s allowing the other person to get away with behaviour that is not from their heart, and allowing authenticity to go unchecked is not progress either. So how do we progress out of this situation where it seems we can’t blame the other or blame ourselves without leading us deeper into negativity?

When we look at our lives through the mirror of ourselves, we have to remember we are seeing everything in reverse. So if someone around you is being arrogant, it isn’t a reminder from the universe to curb your own arrogance. It is a reminder from an essentially benevolent universe that you need to be more arrogant! That person is showing you an area of your life in which you are lacking in self-esteem and you have a low self-image. If you had a healthy self-image in that regard, you would have attracted in someone who valued you and didn’t treat you badly. So you must learn to love yourself more, raise yourself up in your own eyes, in order to find people who match that self-belief. Any lack we perceive in others is not a message from the universe that we ourselves are lacking; rather it is a reminder from the universe not to perceive lack in ourselves. To love ourselves more and be kinder to ourselves, so we can find that love and kindness all around us is always the mission.

Love is the only currency the universe knows. All lessons are given with love, and when we understand how to receive them with love, rather than fear and self-doubt, we can start passing them with flying rainbow colours.

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