Ten Steps To Being a Revolutionary

Effective Actions for Real Change

We are not free. We could be, but we are not. My understanding is that our freedom is limited by an elite whose agenda is to keep us diminished so that they can continue to accumulate power and money. They have developed ways in which our behaviours can be manipulated, controlled, and programmed, to suit their motives. If we want to change this situation, protest is not the most effective tactic, nor does being scared or getting angry help.  Rather, we change things by deprograming ourselves so we become free. If we have the wisdom and insight enough to see through their games, the most powerful action we can take is to disengage, and create something that operates from a deeper place of truth and resonance. Universal law is infinitely more powerful than man-made law and always wins through. When we align ourselves with universal law, we become the victors.

I believe these are the ten key actions we can take to create the peaceful, loving, light, joyous revolution that humanity is screaming out for right now.

1. Be Love 

We always have a choice, love or fear? Physically, the heart produces sixty times more electromagnetic energy than the brain, it is the most powerful energetic centre in the body. The most important mineral for maintaining healthy heart function is magnesium. Stress on the other hand, leaches magnesium from the cells, and leaves the adrenals unsupported. So, in a nutshell, stress depletes heart energy. Fear and love act as a bio-chemical see-saw in the body, and the more fear and anger we are experiencing, the less capacity for love we have.

We need to consciously choose activities, people, situations, and careers that are not stressful so that we can stay open-hearted. Self-love is the number one most important way you contribute to change in the world. Not self-love in a narcissistic sense, but self-love in a way that means you have plenty to give. Too many of us are living in a state of burnout, pushed to our max, and we snap at the smallest thing. Prioritise self-care in your life. Manage your life so you are not over-extending yourself and stretched to your limits. That over-burdened lifestyle is part of the programming. They teach us that we must work hard and still never have enough, that we must suffer and do a lot of what we don’t like to get by. This is not true! Abundance is the universal state. The universe is always providing for us, always guiding us, if we allow it. We mustn’t allow the fear and stress to rule our lives, it’s not necessary, it’s a trap. Know that if you show up with love, you will always be taken care of. The heart has its own magic that will keep you safe.

2. Practice Compassion

Everyone is hurting so bad these days. Everyone is carrying around some level of trauma. You won’t speak to a single person who hasn’t endured some struggle in their lives. I think it’s a miracle anyone ever does anything. When you consider the level of heartbreak, rejection, disappointment and isolation that is normalized in our culture, it’s amazing that we get up every day and still carry on with this incredible human experience. It doesn’t always come easily, but I try not to judge anyone. When someone is rude to me, or hurtful, or deceitful, or acts in any way that feels incongruent to me, I try to not take it personally, and imagine what they have gone through in their lives that makes them act that way. When love is so basic to us, people must be in deep suffering to be disconnected from that natural state. Our culture takes a competitive viewpoint, and teaches us to be harsh, judgemental, and see the suffering of others as something that elevates us as being above them. But we are all one, and when one suffers, we all suffer. Rather than take their pain on board, I seek to lift others out of their suffering with a warm look, kind words, a smile, whatever I can. I try not to validate their perception that the world is a hostile place, but transmute that viewpoint into something softer. We are all just trying to be happy. Let’s aid that process, not hinder it. Putting others down doesn’t serve us, as the media would have us believe. In diminishing one, we diminish all. When we belittle others, we belittle ourselves. Seek to elevate wherever possible.

3. Watch Where You Invest your Money 

This is so easy it blows my mind. This is revolution in one simple stroke. If everyone stopped shopping with the big corporations who employ unfair trade practices and disregard the health of the environment, that would be it. Game over. Wherever you can, invest in ethical businesses, who pay their employees a living wage, don’t employ damaging environmental practices, and operate ethically. It’s not always possible to make those choices (and it’s not always affordable), but every time that we do, we are voting for change. I never give to charity, but I see that when I buy organic bedding, or buy a book at a little independent bookstore rather than Amazon, that extra that I am spending is a donation towards the kind of world I would love to live in. I use a green energy company for my home and work supply; I don’t drive a car; I buy organic/fairtrade/vintage clothes as a preference; the majority of my food produce comes from independent health food stores. I know sometimes it’s unavoidable: maybe you absolutely have to have a car because of where you live, maybe you are travelling somewhere where buying non-organic food is the only option. My experience is that if I have the intention to do something, I won’t do it all of the time but I will do it more often than not. Whereas if I don’t set an intention, it is not going to happen! Whatever little you do makes a difference. Next time you are making a purchase, consider the supply chain behind your product. Is it something you want to contribute to? Has the manufacture of these goods been a process of creativity and joy, or has it contributed to human suffering and diminishment? If the latter, consider if there is an alternative available to you in that moment. If there isn’t then seek out alternatives for future so that you don’t need to contribute to the enslavement of people any further.

While we’re there, we would do well to consider the whole nature of capitalism, which teaches us that our value is in what we have, not what we give. Consumerism keeps us on that treadmill of never feeling good enough, never content: we always need a bigger house, more exotic holidays, more designer clothes, a flashier car, in order to find happiness. It is always elusive, always out of reach, and that’s how they keep you working for their machine. I find the Zero Waste Lifestyle very inspiring: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot, is the motto of Bea Johnson, one of its pioneers. We can’t all be as virtuous as her and get our waste down to a single mason jar in a year, but we can all be inspired by her lifestyle and reduce our consumption. Capitalism, and the idea that we are made better somehow by an accumulation of possessions, is another way in which we are trapped. Reducing our footprint creates freedom: personal freedom, and freedom from the constraints of the system. Move out of the programming that spending money makes us happy: obviously, there is a baseline of comfort which we need, but beyond that we are just being kept imprisoned by the system. It is possible to live a rich life on very little money, just as many manage to be wealthy but live an impoverished life. Again, it is all about alignment: align yourself with a greater truth, a greater purpose, and you will find abundance flows towards you without effort, as you combine your energies with the universal forces. Selfish motives come from a scarcity mentality and will continue to create situations that perpetuate that scarcity, and validate the viewpoint that we need to struggle to survive

4. Don’t Vaccinate

By now, the mounting evidence for the dangers of vaccination is huge. It breaks my heart to speak to parents of vaccine-damaged children, who genuinely believed they were doing the best for their children, and then have to live with the tragic consequences of their decision, while the authorities continue to deny the links. I believe vaccines are a deliberate strategy to keep the population sick and easier to control. Most of the diseases we vaccinate against were already virtually eliminated due to improved hygiene practices before the vaccines were introduced. There is limited evidence that vaccines are effective in the long term, and a mass of evidence that they damage a person’s immunity. If you vaccinate yourself or your children, you are causing huge stress to your natural defence system and so making yourself more susceptible to disease. That is how they want us! They want us walking round in a weakened state so they can continue to get away with pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes. Vaccines are more contentious than just about any other issue I can think of. Coming straight out and saying that vaccines are damaging and unnecessary is likely to attract a whole bunch of angry commentators. I think this is because it really reveals how our diminishment is at the heart of public policy, from cradle to grave, and as such it’s too ghastly a truth for people to address. By admitting that such a terrible situation is ongoing, we have to adjust our whole viewpoint and realise the extent to which we are being manipulated.

If you’re someone who is on the fence over vaccines, here’s one of the most urgently pressing examples for you. The CDC (the regulatory body in the USA) are fully aware that there is a link between the MMR and Autism, and they have tried to suppress this information, according to whistleblower Dr William Thompson. They are also aware, according to their own statistics, that the age at which children are given the vaccine in the USA is the window during which it is most likely to cause damage. If the autism rate continues rising along the same trajectory, in twenty years time, there will be more autistic children in the USA than non-autistic. All this is revealed in the film Vaxxed, which you can find online at

I believe mass vaccination programmes are one of the ways in which we are kept submissive and easy to control from a very young age. If we all stopped accepting the current vaccination programme, we would regain a lot of our strength and energy and power to resist.

5. Don’t Drink the Water 

Tap water contains a host of chemicals, the worst being fluoride. 74% of Americans drink fluoridated water, and around 10% of those in the UK. Most of Europe has banned the addition of fluoride to the water, as they recognise the health risks. Fluoride was first used in the Second World War by the Nazis as a way of pacifying the Jews and making them easier to control. Fluoride calcifies the pineal gland: also known as the third eye, this is the seat of intuition in the brain. It is the visionary centre, enabling us to dream our futures and to envisage creative alternatives. When it is calcified, it becomes dormant, and we find it harder to employ our imagination and think for ourselves. We become more docile. Chlorine is also added to tap water worldwide. Chlorine is used in the manufacture of chemical weapons, as it’s so toxic in large amounts, and is a powerful disinfectant. It damages the gut biome, so is a factor in auto-immune diseases, and is linked to many kinds of cancer, particularly colon cancer.

Unless you live somewhere where your water is coming from a spring, and is not being treated chemically, I would recommend sourcing natural spring water and avoiding tap water and its soporific effects wherever possible. Drinking spring water is an easy and basic way to keep us connected to natural law, not man-made law. We are water! Water is an element that makes up around 70% of our body weight: it makes sense then that the quality of water that we drink can have a huge impact on our well-being and our outlook on life.


6. Eat Organic Whole Foods

Their food is not natural. It is not produced with the intention of sustaining health. It is produced firstly with the intention of making a profit. And secondly with the intention of making you sick so they can profit from you again. Every sick person is just a dollar sign to them. Each cancer patient is worth around $50,000 to the pharmaceutical industry. Actually, the cancer industry’s profits are rising every year to make it currently one of the most profitable industries on the planet. One in two Americans now has a chronic condition, and that’s how it suits those in power: everyone who has diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, asthma, eczema, any long term chronic disease, that achieves two things for them. They make money from you and they keep you weak, and less likely to stand up for your rights.

Just don’t eat their food and don’t take their medicines! It’s easy. Eating food that’s grown with chemicals, and using more chemicals to try and rectify the damage that the adulterated food causes, is a modern phenomenon. It’s going to be easy to reverse. Eat food that is grown naturally, from as close to the source as possible. You will get sick less. And when you do get sick, look to natural and time honoured traditions to recover whole body health. Despite what they would have you believe, systems like Ayurveda, TCM, herbalism and homeopathy, have a much longer history of usage and proven efficacy than modern pharma. Work with systems that have been tried and tested over generations. Not the one that has been in use for a couple of generations, all the while that the chronic disease has pattern has boomed. In our current world, health is power. To have the strength and robustness to deal with the stresses of modern living and not go under, just that in itself makes you a threat to the system, a true revolutionary.

7. Don’t watch the Media Hate, Meditate

The media is poison. It is pure toxicity. It is actually a form of insanity. Any news broadcast will tell you an endless stream of bad news: this child killed someone, this country was bombed, this family was murdered, on and on. Not denying that bad stuff is going on. But where is the balance? The news bulletins never report on the child who achieved something remarkable, the country who brought in new human rights’ laws, the woman who survived a cancer diagnosis and brought hope to her community. How differently would we feel about ourselves and our world if the media only reported good news stories? Instead of focussing on the most awful events of the day, the fighting and destruction, it told us only about the most uplifting events of the day. It would be revolutionary. We would all be inspired by humanity instead of despairing. Do you think it would cause an increase in murders and robberies if we stopped focussing on them? I don’t. I think by talking about the negative behaviour all the time, we normalise it. If we stopped giving it attention, we would more clearly see it for what it is, abhorrent, and it would diminish. We are encouraged to view the world as a hostile place that we should be suspicious of; this is a deeply unhealthy state to occupy. On the contrary, the universe is always working in our favour, it is always seeking to uplift and create the highest possible good for all. When we replace paranoia with pronoia, we see a massive shift in our life experience.

The other side to the incessant media deluge we are all bombarded with, aside from relentless doom and gloom, is the constant advertising. Advertising also attacks our sense of peace and well-being; in always trying to sell us something new it tells us we are not good enough as we are, it creates a dissatisfaction. We are encouraged to compare our lives to this projection of an ideal lifestyle which of course doesn’t even actually exist, so how can we be expected to measure up to it? What if instead, we replaced all advertising with inspirational quotes and motivational speakers? Recently, a group called Glimpse raised money to replace all the advertising in a station in London with pictures of cats for a week, and people were massively cheered by this change in environment. We have become so used to the bombardment of advertising we have become desensitized to it, but consider how differently we could feel as we go about our day to day, if all print, TV and online advertising was replaced by something that instead made us feel uplifted and joyous.

I would recommend replacing some of the time that you habitually use to look up the news and look at the media viewpoint, with meditation time. When we look within for the answers to a situation, we get a very very different response. When we calm the mind and tune out the noise and distraction, we access a deeper knowing and truth. All the answers are within us, yet we are taught to always externalise, always look outside, and then when we do that all the information is presented in such a confused and chaotic way, we are left in a state of bewilderment. Look inside and find peace. Look inside and find resolution. Look inside and find calm. Then carry that peace, resolution and calm out into the world, and become a part of the solution.


My Boys, 2009

My Boys, 2009

8. Home Educate 

Quite likely, you feel that you haven’t got the time or the patience or the financial support to take your children out of school. If so, then it’s even more crucial that you are aware that the state school system is where the brainwashing really begins. Sit down all day. Do as your told. Conform. We are instructed on what and how to think from a ridiculously early age in the UK. We are taught that science subjects are more important than arts, and the ability to pass exams is a measure of how successful we will be in the world. This kind of thinking is limited, restricting, and quite frankly, out-dated. In this world of accelerated change that we are living in, schools do little to teach children how to cope in our modern world.

Don’t leave it to the system to bring up your children. I would say no school is the preference, but whatever kind of school they go to, make sure you educate them at home. Help them understand that everyone has a story, and the stories they teach us at school are only one of the billions of stories that humanity can tell, and they are by no means definitive or absolute. Teach them the necessary life skills that conventional education neglects: how to budget and do your accounting; how to shop wisely; how to keep your space clean and tidy; how to conduct yourself respectfully and considerately; how to communicate so you are heard; how to listen; how to manage stress; how to eat well; the importance of exercise, fresh air, and staying hydrated; how to listen to your heart and follow your dreams. Travel with them, show them different cultures and as much of our beautiful planet as you can. Raise individuals who are resourceful, healthy, and can think for themselves, and you will have raised revolutionaries, school or no school.

9. Keep Away from EMFs

The EMF soup that we currently exist in is yet another way in which we are kept confused. The radiation exposure from mobile phones, Wifi signals, cordless phones, and smart meters, affects our brain-functioning. We are losing our ability to concentrate, and process information, because of how radiation affects our neurology. Use protection devices to limit your exposure to EMFs. At home, use an Ethernet cable if possible, not Wifi. Get rid of cordless phones and smart meters. And observe the difference in your thinking, as your mind becomes calmer and you regain your ability to focus and absorb. At the moment, we live in a whirlpool of distraction that prevents us from thinking about things too deeply, and this is another way that they manage to get away with the madness.

10. Take the Long Term View

Humanity is going through a great shift right now. We are transitioning from one age to another. The birth process is always painful, messy and out of control. Stay focused on the goal. Don’t let the little stuff get you down. We are here at this time to be warriors of the light. Every little thought, word and action that comes from a place of love and light is having an effect, tipping us into a new paradigm. This is a battle of epic proportions. Don’t lose heart, don’t expect overnight results. Listen to your heart, treat your body well, keep connected to nature, love those around you. That’s all we need to do. It’s enough. Don’t worry, don’t stress. “We gon be alright.”

Don’t drink their water and eat their food. Don’t listen to their stories. Remember you have the power. They only have power over you if you give it to them. They don’t want you to know how easy it is to take back your power. They want you to think that change will be hard. That it will involve trauma and suffering, and you will lose out in the process. It’s not true. Now is the time of change, and changing is what we are here to do. It will bring you joy, it will be easy. Your life will become better and brighter for it. In your heart you know this, don’t you? You know that this is what we have been working towards. Everything has led us to this moment, this time. Seize it, as only you can.

Pic by Tobias Pearson

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  • Excellent ? I am happy to say I do each and every one .. including the no vaccine and home schooling.. the two boys have decided to give secondary school a twirl this year so watch this space .. I am
    Not too worried as they are there own men ..
    thanks for this Kate .. it’s nice to feel that there are so many of us living this way.. the zero waste is beginning to take form over here in Ireland .. local health food shop has just set up
    A corner where there is produce you can fill paper bags or your own jars with ? Lots of love from Wexford, Ireland

  • Janice says:

    Hi. Thank you for your thoughts and advice. I have so many ideas and solutions that I try to apply to myself and anyone needing help but the media is so powerful with so many people sucked into lies that I lose heart sometimes. So many people seem like robots, maybe that’s what we will become if we don’t look out. The pen is mightier than the sword, and love conquers all, is what I try to live by. Love yourself first, you’re not poor or inadequate or powerless- you are made of stars. Let yourself shine no matter what you’re told by those in power. Others will respond and have hope. We all heal from within with help from God’s garden, big pharma doesn’t cure, it’s a myth. What is wealth if you’re sick unto death, a pile of dirty paper, what is a £billion, a row of 00000’s. Good wishes to everyone, Janice

  • Faerie Mac says:

    Thankyou for your words of truth Kate, I’ve also been preaching similar words to deaf ears for a long time. You are a true visionary with a divine heart, thankyou for sharing, blessings to you x

  • c c says:

    Great article Kate. I’m with you all the way to the last paragraph. But … the “they” that you talk about are really just “those of us” There is no they.

  • Liz Josey says:

    Hi Kate! Thank you for writing one of THE most EXCELLENT and ARTICULATE articles regarding the ‘shift’ I’ve ever read! (And one that mirrors my views ENTIRELY!) I will be sharing this far and wide! Big juicy love, Liz x

  • This is My truth too. In My heart i know this. Everyday i nourish myself from beeing in the nature and live a sustainable life. I love that you are so strong and clear about what is sometimes so hard to see for most of the people. I love that we are going to meet in Gothenburg soooooon??????❤️

  • Paul says:

    I enjoyed that, I woke up about three years ago and tried to inform people but that was not so effective.
    But now I drop seeds out my pockets as I wander along in the form of questions.
    The question goes into the subconscous and does its great work.
    I may not see the work but that does not matter.

  • So very true. <3 – Thank you for sharing this – such an in~spiration <3

  • Cheryl Hague says:

    Thank you Kate for such an uplifting article.
    I have somewhat lost my way in the past 3 years, but I am doing meditation (only learnt how to do so in the last year) on a regular basis which I know has helped. I feel totally inspired from reading your thoughts and philosophies and today is the beginning of a path that I know I should be following.
    Have emailed to my sons and respective wives to enlighten them, especially as they all have children.
    Thank you again Kate.

    Best wishes

  • Irina says:

    Thank you Kate fro your wonderful words. They resonate with every pore of my being!

  • Lesley says:

    Love your words will read them again and again and try to put which ever not already doing into practice Thankyou with love xxx

  • Charlotte says:

    Thanks for your wise words Kate. I love reading your views. Have you written anymore on water? Filtration systems, distillers? I know you mention spring water but what’s the best option if living in a city and I’m presuming buying bottled spring water is the only option in a city? Much love ?

  • Chrissie says:

    I cannot find a single thing to say about this article, with which I disagree. You have really hit the spot with your comments., I, knowingly, live in this same head and heart space that you do. It is so refreshing to hear of a worldview that is not based on the worthless distractions of the moment – “leave” or “remain” In this upside-down world we are now living in, I also have no interest at all in the Emperor’s New Winter Collection.

    You have really stated your feelings so beautifully. Thank you for such eloquence. There are indeed reasons to be cheerful.

  • Cacey says:

    Hi Kate,
    I love how you said “if you show up with love, you will always be taken care of.” This couldn’t be more true. As the Bhagavad Gita states; “If one thinks always in full Krsna consciousness, then, by the grace of the lord, he becomes fully aware of everything. That is the perfection of life.” (Text 46 BG). If you live with love in your heart, for the supreme, as best you can, it’s the best way to live. 😉

  • Jan says:

    Thank you Kate; this really comes from your heart and makes so much sense. I question more and more by the day and am making changes . Love really is the answer ♡

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