SuperMagic Spring Detox

April is the best time to get your Detox on

I was fortunate enough to meet with Annie Jubb yesterday, and was reminded of the importance of liver cleansing. I have been doing liver flushes for over ten years, though usually only one or two a year; Annie recommends at least four, and she has a wonderful programme that she puts her clients through to make it as easy as possible for them to detox.

If you’re only going to one cleanse like this in the year, I would say April is the very best time. The trend is for January detox, but that goes against the body’s natural rhythms, like trying to eat dinner in the middle of the night. I understand the sense of coming out of December feeling a little sluggish, but it’s important to follow the seasons if we want to get the best results. The early part of the year is a time for planning and plotting how to take the year by storm! Spring is when we start getting into gear, and Summer is when all the action happens. Then I believe the Autumn is another important time to take time out to reassess where we are at and what direction we are headed in. That’s why we always run our annual Raw Magic Retreat around the September Equinox. Setting our energies ahead then for the winter and taking stock of our output.

We are part of nature just as much as the trees, the flowers, and the animals. We do so much better when we honour the annual cycles, rather than trying to power through them in isolation.

So, here is my SuperMagic Spring detox protocol; this is how it works best for me. But check out the book list below, research the work of Annie Jubb, and decide for yourself how you want to love your liver this year. Even if you only take on board one of the recommendations, like doing some enemas or castor oil, you’re still going to feel the benefits.

Day One: 

For seven days, beginning today, I recommend you do one or two enemas a day. If this is too much, do one today, and then three in a row on days 4, 5 and 6. For all the info on how to do an enema, see my YouTube video below.

For these seven days, eat as lightly as possible. If juice feasting is an option for you, then brilliant, go for it. Focus on juices, milks, teas, coconut water, and the wonderfully hydrating drink that is my magic lemonade. Use superfoods like chlorella and maca to keep your energy up. If you haven’t got the time and space to go that far, simply aim to limit your intake of cooked foods, dehydrated foods and nuts and seeds, and instead up the juices, seasonal fruits, and salads.

Day Two:

Start preparing for your liver flush by drinking 4 oz (100ml) apple cider vinegar or 1 litre apple juice for three days, starting today. Most people prefer apple juice (make sure it’s freshly pressed), but I prefer apple cider vinegar because it’s so alkalising and cleansing in itself, and I’m sensitive to the sugars in the juice. Apple cider vinegar is great at dissolving mucus and restoring the acid/alkaline balance in the body. Whichever you take, it’s best to take it first thing in the morning, before solids. The pectin in the apples starts softening the stones in the gall bladder so they are released more easily. Apple cider vinegar is more palatable if you mix it with hot water or coconut water. I have also tried using malic acid capsules, which is a lot more expensive, but has the same effect, and is easier when you are busy.

Day Four:

Eat as little as possible today. If you can just have liquids, brilliant. If you need to have some solid foods, make them little and light. I find it works well to do this on a Saturday, then you can have Sunday off to recover.

Now for the fun bit – the liver flush! If you look up liver flushes on the Internet you’ll find many different protocols. Some of them are very exact. They often make it seem that if you don’t follow their instructions to the letter, the flush isn’t going to work. From doing lots of liver flushes and observing how my body works, what I give you here is, in my experience, the most pleasant way to do it effectively.

If you feel like a flush such as this is too much for you, you can achieve similar results by taking shots of 1 tbsp olive oil combined with 1 tbsp lemon juice and drinking it first thing in the morning. Do this every morning for a month.

Early evening, around 4.0 or 5.0 pm, make sure you don’t have anything else important to do for the day. It’s quite possible once you’ve drunk your medicine, you won’t want to get up again until the morning. Get somewhere comfortable – a couch or your bed. Make sure you’ve got blankets, movies, books, water, everything you need.

Most flushes suggest lemon juice, but grapefruit juice is just as effective and I find it more palatable. The important thing is to get 8oz olive oil in you. I find mixing that into 16oz grapefruit juice is the easiest way to do it. That way it tastes like very oily grapefruit juice. When I have tried to do 8oz olive oil and 8oz lemon juice straight, it’s made me feel so sick I can barely get it down. With the grapefruit juice I can just sip it slowly over about half an hour and that seems to work.

Once you’ve drunk it, as I said, you probably won’t want to move much. Just lie still and feel sick. Fall asleep for a bit. Lie on your right side, with your knees drawn up to your chest. When you have a hangover, it’s your liver chucking out toxins, so the feeling you’re going to experience is much the same as when you’ve had too much to drink.

Day Five:

You’ll probably find you sleep heavily and wake up in the morning still feeling a bit groggy. Now you need to get those stones out. Most regimes recommend Epsom salts, but in my experience they are too harsh and aggressive on the body. It’s imperative that you remove the stones somehow, and that’s where the enemas come in. I recommend doing at least two, even three. You can also use Oxymag to get everything moving, it’s a magnesium oxide supplement, I would take 1 tsp before the flush, 1 tsp before bed, and another 1 tsp in the morning if you feel you need it.

I’ve learnt from experience that a coffee enema is very good at forcing my body to let go. Usually I don’t practice coffee enemas as I find them too intense, but after a liver flush it’s a great way to push the body into extreme mode and properly empty me out! So I would do a plain one, with maybe just a little Tea Tree oil or similar in. Followed by a coffee one which I would try and hold as long as possible. Then finally, if you have time, one with flax oil and probiotics in to soothe and calm the gut.

If you want to see the stones, you need to poop into a sieve! Buy a 99p sieve and throw it away afterwards. I did this once, just to see if stones really did come out, and they did. I’ve never felt the urge since. I had about half a dozen, and they were all quite small – the biggest was the size of a marble.

Some people will tell you a liver flush is a load of nonsense. That all you get out is lumps of olive oil, no stones. I don’t know enough about the biology of it to explain how it works, but I do know that I feel so renewed after doing one of these flushes and that’s why I’ve come to look forward to doing them.

An Epsom Salt bath is also a great idea today. Put 1kg (yes 1kg!) of Epsom salts in your bath and relax. An infra-red sauna is also a wonderful thing to do.


Picking lettuce straight from the farm in Florida

Picking lettuce straight from the farm in Florida

Day Six:

Can you get a colonic? I would really love it if you could get a colonic for yourself today. That would be the very best thing you could do. Or if you can get out of the house on Sunday afternoon and have one then, even better! If you’re only going to have one colonic all year, this would be the week to do one.

That’s the hard bit over with! Now you’ve purged yourself, you can do a bit of pampering. For three days, starting today, you need to do castor oil packs on your liver. It’s simple, easy, relaxing, costs pennies, and will assist your liver in relieving your body of all those toxins.

To do a Castor Oil pack, you need two things, castor oil and packing fabric. I recommend using high grade castor oil like you find at Raw Living, but you can just pick some up at your local pharmacy. For the fabric, you can use an old baby muslin or teatowel, any piece of absorbent fabric, or you can purchase dedicated packing fabric. Soak the fabric in the oil; be careful, it’s messy and sticky. Castor oil will leave stains on any clothes or furnishings it comes in contact with. Place the fabric over your liver, using heat to ensure the benefits of the castor oil are absorbed into the skin. The best way to do this is with a hot water bottle. When I do a pack, I have an old stained tshirt and sweatpants that I reserve for the purpose. You might want to consider doing the same, or you can use plastic bags or cling film (saran wrap) wrapped round the pack to protect your outerwear. Let the pack work its magic on your liver for at least an hour, or you can even go to bed with it on. When you’re done, wrap the sticky fabric in a plastic bag and you can use it again next time, no need to wash between use. I believe that Castor Oil packing is one of the easiest and most effective naturopathic techniques, and I highly recommend having it in your toolkit.

Day Seven:

That’s it, you’re done! Congratulations! If you didn’t manage to get a colonic, it’s a good idea to follow up with a few more enemas and Epsom salt baths.

Hopefully, most of that only took you an hour or two every day (and it didn’t break the bank), and now you’re feeling cleansed and bubbling with the energies of Spring. Let me know how you get on: I’m really interested in your feedback and how these suggestions work for you.

You can find Enema Bags, Castor Oil and Epsom Salts at Raw Living. 

For your nearest Colonic Hydrotherapist in the UK, look up the Association of Colonic Hydrotherapists 

Recommended Reading:
Cellular Awakening by Barbara Wren
Liver & Gall Bladder Cleanse by Andreas Moritz
Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation by Andreas Moritz

Life Food Recipe Book by Annie Jubb

Interested in learning more? Check out the Detox Video on Raw Magic Academy.

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  • Rachel Boon says:

    Hi Kate,
    Really helpful and practically useful post-thank you!
    Just a little edit for the enema video-the colon does not have not have any villi.
    Apart from that-perfect!
    With best wishes and keep up the good work.
    Yours high raw-ly,
    Rachel Boon x
    (Naturopath & Medical Herbalist)

    • Kate Magic says:

      thanku rachel, its always good 2 get validation from a naturopath :). r the villi only in the small intestine then? i am just reading the Gut book by Guilia Enders, have u read it? x

      • Rachel Boon says:

        You’re very welcome! Yes-the villi in the small intestine act to increase surface area for absorption of nutrients.
        I’ve not yet read that book but a few of my patients have recommended it to me-are you enjoying it?
        R x

  • Dena says:

    I have several of your books and enjoy your recipes. My sister does coffee enemas weekly (sometimes more often) has no G.I. or liver illness but likes the caffeine euphoria (but is convinced caffeine not absorbed into her system via enema) and uses it to flatten her stomach. What are your thoughts about this frequency and concerns for loss of bowel control several years down the road as possible side effects.

    • Kate Magic says:

      hi dena, this wld be a question for a proper consultation with a trained naturopath, but personally i do not recommend frequent coffee enemas as they will still be stressing the adrenals, unless a person uses green coffee. thanks

  • Kelly says:

    Thanks for sharing your protocol. I’ve done flushes for years and I appreciate how you lay this out in your own style. I’m not sure if plastic wrap bothers you…I gave it up awhile ago. I’ve found Dr Marisol, Queen of the Thrones organic castor oil wrap to be a fantastic choice sans plastic. Many blessings to you for the love and kindness that continues to radiate from you.

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