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Getting Sick is Not Sick

If you want to cut to the chase, skip to the bottom of this article for the most succinct and simple health advice for acute illness that I have to offer. 

The most common resistance I hear to eating healthily is that people believe it is expensive, and they can’t afford it. But I believe that your health is an investment that you can’t avoid. If you invest the time and energy in maintaining good health, you are minimizing your chances of falling sick, and maximizing your chances of a speedy recovery. If you don’t put the work in before you fall ill, then when you inevitably do come down with something, it’s a lot more time-consuming and expensive to get well again. Either way, it’s going to cost you: wouldn’t you prefer to spend that money on delicious food that makes you feel amazing, rather than pills and potions to make you better? Wouldn’t you prefer to have tons of energy and productivity, and not need to take sick days that mess up your schedule, inconvenience those around you, and potentially mean a loss of income? Wouldn’t you prefer to invest your time in making good food and taking yoga classes, rather than lying in bed and feeling like death because you didn’t do those things?

Think of your immunity as a weapon, and the illness as something to be fought off. If your immunity muscles are strong, you can bat off illness without too much effort. If you haven’t built up your immunity, then you’re more susceptible to everything that comes around. So either you can put in the hours in in the immunity gym, getting fit and sexy, or you’re going to end up spending it in battle with an opponent that’s going to thrash you.

I don’t believe that a person can currently live in the West, with the level of toxicity that we are currently bombarded with in the air, water, food, electromagnetics, and worst of all, the stress levels, and not reach middle age without coming down with some kind of chronic illness. I believe it’s vital that we take good care of ourselves in our 20s and 30s so when we hit our mid-40s, we have the reserves to deal with the physical changes that happen to both men and women at this age. Diet, exercise, and cultivating a stress-free life are all equally essential to being able to transition into our fifties with continued vitality and enthusiasm for life.

But the chances are you haven’t been taking enough preventative health measures, and you’ve come down with something. And to be real, however careful (or not) we are, flus and viruses are something that happen to us all around this time of year. So what’s the best way to treat the flu? Everyone knows, antibiotics and Ibuprofen, right? But why do we take those things?

Antibiotics kill infection. They kill everything! Good bacteria and bad bacteria alike. What’s nature’s most effective antibiotic? Colloidal silver. Unlike conventional antibiotics, silver doesn’t create resistance in the body, so it’s not something that stops being effective after a while. I believe it’s the number one natural remedy to have in your home medicine cabinet. If you feel you’re starting to come down with something, take 1 oz shots twice a day, first thing in the morning and last thing at night, without food. It has a metallic taste which isn’t awful, but it’s best to just knock it back. Do this for three days. Silver works instantly, so over the three days, you’re giving it a chance to kill whatever virus is starting to breed. If it hasn’t worked within three days, it’s not going to, but everyone I suggest this protocol to has reported back that it worked for them. Silver is very strong, and is not something you should take as part of a maintenance programme. I don’t recommend taking it for more than three days in a row, and I don’t recommend taking more than 1oz at a time. If you feel it was working, I would leave it seven days, and if your virus is still hanging around, take it for another three days. If you have probiotics, it would be good to take those afterwards as well. If you have a sore throat, gargle with silver, or you can get sprays that you spray into the back of your throat. Silver can be used for absolutely everything! It’s really good for rashes and any kind of skin infection when applied topically. Externally or internally, make it your number one go-to: if silver is not going to knock it out, nothing will.

So what about the Ibuprofen? Ibuprofen, paracetamol, nurofen, and their ilk, are basically just anti-inflammatories. They reduce inflammation, and inflammation is what causes pain. What’s our number one go-to anti-inflammatory? You probably know, it’s Turmeric. The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin. If you are taking it for maintenance, turmeric is fine, but if you want it for an acute illness, then it’s high-strength curcumin you need, and is the other essential part of your home medicine cabinet. High strength curcumin (you’re looking for doses of around 2,000mg) will reduce inflammation better than anything else on the planet. Keep taking 2000mg every couple of hours until the pain subsides. Unlike silver, you can’t take too much turmeric, the only side effect is you might start smelling like a curry house, in which case you know you’ve probably reached your maximum dose as your body is starting to excrete it, and you should lay off for 24 hours. My experience with curcumin is that it doesn’t work as rapidly as Paracetamol, say for a toothache or a headache, but if you take enough of it, it makes the pain go away and stay away. Paracetamol seems to make the pain subside temporarily, but it’s not helping the body actually deal with what’s going on so it’s more of a Band-Aid fix, and the pain keeps returning with a vengeance.

For any kind of flu, make a tea with turmeric root, ginger root, lemon slices and goji berries. Take 20-25g each of turmeric and ginger root, and fine slice it. Take half a lemon, and slice that finely as well. Take a handful of goji berries (10-15g). Put it all in a pot and brew; I use a 1 litre coffee press. I make a litre and drink it, then you can get a second or even third brew out of the pot. Guzzle this down! Drink buckets of it to flush the flu out of your system, ideally 2-3 litres a day. The combined medicinal benefits of the ginger, turmeric, gojis and lemon are easing your symptoms and helping the body to heal faster. It’s a highly effective home remedy that’s inexpensive and easily attainable.

That’s it, I’m going to keep it really simple, because I know if it’s not simple, you won’t do it.

  • Get some colloidal silver ready for when you need it. This is your number one antibiotic. Take 1oz shots, twice a day for three days, to knock out any infection. Leave a week, then repeat if necessary.
  • Get some high strength curcumin ready for when you need it. This is your number one anti-inflammatory. Take 2000mg every 2hrs until the pain subsides. Take it for as long as you need it.
  • Whenever you need to fight something off, make tea with turmeric root, ginger root, goji berries, and fresh lemon, and drink buckets of it.


The other key point obviously is to rest. The body has an innate self-healing capacity. Sleep a lot, eat a little, and you will allow that magic to kick in. Keep soldiering on, and you are severely impeding your ability to heal. Stop everything else, focus on your healing, and you will bounce back to good health much more readily.

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  • Juliet Heller says:

    Can I ask what your qualifications are please regarding nutritional advice? I just want to be sure I’m getting safe advice, not hostile to these ideas. I did a quick google search on colloidal silver and it seems pretty controversial. I order your great food products on a regular basis but tend to be careful about strong claims until I’ve seen some back up.

    • Kate Magic says:

      hi juliet, i have no qualifications from an external source. my qualification is 30 years of living this way, raising 3 children into adulthood, and working with thousands of people around the world. colloidal silver is suitable in small doses for short periods of time i believe, and thats what i emphasise here. as always, i believe u shld tune into ur own body + do what works best 4u, there is no one size fits all approach. this is just a suggestion for a quick and easy protocol as so many people suffer with low-grade flu around this time of year + they ask what i recommend. thanks

  • This is some great advice! We at QiYoga tell our clients the same thing. We also recommend Olive Leaf Extract too.
    Thanks for sharing great tips!

  • Laura Escobar says:

    Thank you for the excellent advice.

  • Kate says:

    I’ve been making tea from ginger and curcuma root for a while now but have always wondered how many grams /how much is recommendable so it was really interesting to read this! Thanks Kate for yet another really useful article full of what you can tell (intuition speaks for alot) is spot on advice.

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