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The Science of Immunity

To the Western mind, science is a god, the ultimate arbiter of right and wrong. If you can’t prove it scientifically, there remains a shred of doubt to its veracity, no matter if it’s a thing that has been practiced for thousands of years by billions of people (eg Chinese medicine, Yogic philosophy), vs pharmaceutical science which is newly emerging and has been around for less than a century. The lack of scientific back-up is what is always used to cast doubt on the things people like myself believe in, like yoga, herbs, crystals, organic food, sound healing, energy medicine, and so on.

Except for, along with so many things in our world, scientific understanding of health and the body has progressed particularly rapidly in the past couple of decades. Since the emergence of quantum physics, scientists have been rethinking the entire paradigm of understanding that scientific rationalism occupies, and our comprehension of the interrelationship of all things has escalated exponentially, in a way that you don’t see reflected in mainstream medicine or the education system. In particular, our understanding of the importance of the microbiome, the function of hormones and neurotransmitters, and how deeply connected the systems of the gut, the brain, and the immune system all are have all made huge leaps in the last twenty years.

Ultimately, emerging science brings us back, again and again, to the awareness that we are all one, part of an infinite quantum energy field, far more real and profound than what we experience in the 3D world of space and time, and that that understanding of how we are all connected, the intelligence of the interrelationship of these systems, and what the ramifications of this are, is where the successful evolution of humanity lies.

Before we start delving into some of this information, I think it’s useful at this point to remind you that it has been illegal to share information on health foods in the EU since 2013. On Raw Living, we are bound and gagged: we can’t tell you anything about the history and traditional usage of the foods we sell, either on the website or on the packaging. We are not allowed to mention any potential benefits; not the long history of traditional usage, nothing about the clinical studies which back up the claims, or any of the results clients and customers have experienced. Ostensibly, this is in the interests of the consumer, so we can’t make false claims, but practically, it is a detriment to the consumer, who is not receiving clear information on which product is best for them to take. Furthermore, it stifles healthy debate: how many shoppers in a health food store are even aware of these laws that prevent brands such as ours sharing information? The conversation becomes one-sided and more easily pushed towards a certain agenda when companies are muzzled in this way.

Where in the mainstream, is this well-researched information on how to boost immunity? Where is the latest scientific understanding of how the immune system works and how to support our bodies during a health crisis being explained? The current hysteria over the virus stems largely from a lack of understanding around health, which from my experience in the health food industry, is an ignorance that I believe is being deliberately constructed to keep people easily manipulated. I am not a scientist, I am a nerd with a fascination for health, because I have always believed health is our superpower; my engagement with the innate intelligence of the miracle that is the human body is forever revealing hidden depths to me that consistently blow my mind.

So here is a highly simplified, massively condensed, overview of the complexity that is the immune system and how it interrelates with gut health and mental health. If you love this way of thinking, you will also enjoy my book The Empowered Woman, which puts hormones under the microscope, and looks at the ways they interlink to form a holistic understanding of what it biologically means to be a woman.

Psychoneuroimmunology is the study of how the nervous system and the immune system are interrelated. Both the central nervous system and the immune system are constantly sending out messages to eachother, instructing eachother on what’s going on and how each system should best respond. When the mind perceives a stressful situation is occurring, it will instruct the body to shut down normal functioning in order to preserve resources, and to go into fight or flight mode. Let’s repeat that for clarity: when the mind believes there is an immediate reason to be concerned for safety and survival, it instructs the body to put everything on hold and conserve energy to deal with the present threat. Stress literally shuts down the immune system.

Gastroneuroimmunology is the study of how gut health, mental health and immune health are interrelated. Messages are travelling between the gut and brain continually, along the vagus nerve, in a kind of feedback loop. A healthy biome communicates positive information to the brain, that all is well. A gut which is out of balance due to too many processed foods, chemicals and pesticide residues from non-organic foods, additives and preservatives, even grains and dairy products; basically anything that hasn’t been part of our ancestors’ diets going back at least seven generations, is troubled. This kind of gut sends out distress signals to the rest of the body. The body responds neurologically by feeling anxious and depressed, and immunologically by diverting resources to assist the digestive system in a clean-up operation. In a nutshell: the more toxic our diets, and the greater our exposure to environmental toxins, the more the strain on our immune system, and the weaker our soldiers are when it comes to fighting off invaders.

It really helps, I think, to imagine all the different players in these systems like cutesy cartoon characters in an imaginary kingdom. They all have different quirks and mannerisms, some of them are pretty outlandish, but they are all just trying to get along in the kingdom that they inhabit together. And who is the ruler of this kingdom? Well, you are, obviously. From hormones to neurotransmitters, from enzymes to bacteria, from antibodies to red blood cells, all these little fellers are working for you, trying to keep you functioning as best they know how. It’s their job! And they take it very seriously.

So think of a virus entering the kingdom, a hostile element come to destroy the defences of the land. And realise then, that how successful this virus is in invading the body, is much more about the strength of the kingdom it is invading, than the virus itself. And piece that together with the understanding that gut health and mental health are inextricably intertwined with immune health. And it becomes obvious that diet and lifestyle are the two biggest factors that impact your immunity, and your ability to fend off those who would attack the sanctity of your kingdom.

Briefly, here’s a by no means exhaustive list of things that will boost your immune response. Imagine yourself to be the ruler of a mighty kingdom, where you know all the citizens are adequately prepared to fulfil their individual roles, and then why would you be fearful of any enemy attack? You would have utmost faith in your citizens to protect and serve the kingdom they are all so grateful and happy to be a part of, because it’s such a wonderful, flourishing, thriving place to inhabit.

  • Sleep hygiene. Sleep is when we recharge. The body cannot do that effectively if it still perceives threats. Sleep with blackout blinds or an eye mask to reduce light pollution and stimulate melatonin production. Make the bedroom a sanctuary, an electrical free zone full of plants and crystals. Turn off all electro-magnetically polluting devices at night ie phones, WiFi.
  • Have a gratitude practice. Daily journaling, or just setting aside time every day to give thanks, has been shown in multiple studies to lower blood pressure, improve sleep, boost energy, lower pain levels and reduce depression .
  • Have a mindfulness practice. Make it a part of your regular routine to meditate and/or spend time in nature as a reset to the nervous system.
  • Oxygenate with exercise, laughter, and even oxygen supplements if you feel it’s necessary. Disease cannot thrive in an oxygenated environment.
  • Include probiotic foods every day in order to create a healthy biome. You can find plenty on our website, or you can make your own. Almost every recipe here on includes probiotic foods or drinks.
  • Consider using a zapper to support immunity.
  • Eat the rainbow. Making sure we eat foods of every colour is an efficient way to make sure we are getting a wide variety of nutrients. An alkaline plant-based diet is the most healing diet.
  • Eat raw! Raw foods are the most immune boosting foods. Never has there been a better time to explore the healing benefits of a high raw diet. Luckily for you, I have a new book coming out this month! Raw Transitions, a 28 day menu guide for transitioning into a raw food diet, to help you do just that.

I have purposefully not included any supplementation advice on here (maybe I will do that in a separate article). All of these measures are inexpensive, if not free. All of them are easily implementable and accessible to all. All of them simply involve connecting into our natural state of well-being, the abundant life force energy of the universe, and our sovereign power as human beings.

Shoutout to Andrea Nakayama, from whom I am learning so much, and Crash Course, maybe the best channel on YouTube.


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