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Clearly, there is only one topic on everyone’s minds right now, but in this relentless 24/7 news cycle, how much positive and helpful information do you get, and how much puts you into fear and stress? Mainstream media and social media alike are not sharing important to understand facts and statistics such as:

In Italy, researchers found that 99% of fatalities had pre-existing conditions. The highest risks are heart disease, diabetes and cancer. *

It’s scientifically defined as a “self-limiting disease,” which means “a condition would run its course without the need of external influence, especially any medical treatment.” In over 80% of people, the symptoms are mild and pass within 14 days. **

On 28th March 2020, deaths so far this year were over 14 million, and deaths from the virus were just over 26,000. That’s less than 0.2% of deaths this year. ***

We can twist statistics any way we like, but those are the current numbers and they illustrate that firstly a healthy person’s risk of getting it is very low, and secondly their risk of dying from it is infinitesimally low. I’m not going down any rabbit holes because there are so many wildly diverse theories flying around right now, but I am sure of a few things:

  • The mainstream media is not telling us the truth.
  • Five*G is implicated in it all somehow
  • Fear, stress and isolation take a huge toll on a person’s immune system.

I shared lifestyle advice in the last post for keeping your immune system strong. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial that we make our own well-being paramount. Our mental health, gut health, and immune health are all interdependent, so staying happy and positive and eating well are the two best things we can do to keep ourselves in the low risk category.

For those who want to take further preventative measures, have compromised immune systems, or who wish to support the more vulnerable people in their lives, here are some healing protocols I recommend. The mainstream media may have you believe otherwise when it comes to natural health, but these are all time-honoured traditional herbal remedies for a reason.

Schizandra by Dragon Herbs

Schizandra by Dragon Herbs

My Favourite Immune System Boosters

Astragalus is the premier Chinese tonic herb for boosting the immune system. It increases the production of white blood cells in the body; these are the little soldiers that your body sends out to fight invaders.

Schizandra is also known as the five flavour berry (bitter, sour, salty, spicy, and sweet) and in Chinese medicine is thought to tonify all three treasures, and strengthen all 12 meridians. Ron Teeguarden calls it the “quintessence of tonic herbs.” I love the berries as a tea; we have the berries, powder, and also my own recipe Eterniteea.

Reishi is a mushroom you are hopefully already familiar with. Possibly the number one adaptogenic herb in the world, if Reishi is not already part of your regular routine, now is the time to make it so.

Gynostemma is a Himalayan adaptogenic herb which is my very favourite tea. We have loose gynostemma, and also the Spring Dragon tea bags which are Dragon Herbs’ most popular product.

My Favourite Mood Boosters

He Shou Wu is another Chinese tonic herb which is wonderfully uplifting. It has a lovely coffee flavour, so makes a great drink, or I add it to raw chocolate recipes often.

Mucuna is an Ayurvedic herb that contains high amounts of the precursors to dopamine and serotonin, the two most important happy chemicals in the body. Mucuna is very potent! I would recommend only doing ¼ tsp a day to begin with. Again, I mostly put it in drinks or raw chocolate recipes.

Turmeric is anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and one of the best natural anti-depressants! It’s the curcumin content that holds all the magic, so as well as adding Turmeric powder to everything, making Turmeric juice, you may want to add high strength curcumin supplements to your regime.

[Side note: I have found that taking turmeric and mucuna together can be a bad idea. I like to pair mucuna with ashwagandha, another Ayurvedic herb which is calming. I would recommend either doing turmeric or mucuna in one day or it can have a detrimental effect on mood].

Kimchi made with purple carrots

Kimchi made with purple carrots


Virtually every one of my recipes has something fermented in! From kombucha in a Chocolate Smoothie, to coconut yoghurt in the Chaga Tiramisu, and sauerkraut hiding in Superfood
Spring Rolls
I’m big on sneaking in those gut health warriors every way I can, to help combat the effects of stress and pollution on the body. If you want to make your own, there’s a stellar Kimchi recipe here, and if you prefer to buy it ready-made, we’ve got a whole section here.

My Favourite Anti-virals

Camu Camu is a South American berry which is super rich in Vitamin C. We have it as a powder, that has a distinct lemony flavour. It’s great in smoothies or any sweet dish. If you have my Raw Magic book, it’s what makes the Goji Pudding really special.

Colloidal Silver is getting a lot of discrediting in the mainstream media, and censored on social media, so you know it’s good! It’s a powerful antibiotic, but it kills good and bad bacteria alike, so it’s one to take at the onset of illness, not as a preventative measure.

Pau D’Arco is a South American bark with an almost cinnamon-like flavour, which is another great tea you can drink buckets of!


Inflammation is at the heart of all disease. Calming inflammation in the body is one of the fastest ways to healing, no matter what the ailment. A lot of the herbs we have already mentioned act as anti-inflammatories, the most well-known of course being Turmeric. Ginger, garlic, cayenne, cinnamon, clove and black pepper are also great anti-inflammatories, so you could consider making one of my broths like Laksa or Rawmen as a wonderful anti-inflammatory meal.

My Favourite Blood Oxygenators

The fact that people with the chronic conditions heart disease, cancer, diabetes and lung disease are those who account for the largest amount of fatalities, leads me to understand that oxygen levels in the blood are a key factor as to whether a person develops complications or recovers quickly. Blood oxygen levels also tend to lower as we get older, which correlates with the higher amount of fatalities in the over 60s. We have oxygen supplements on the website and Coenzyme Q10 and Chlorella both improve blood oxygenation. Exercise is also key in oxygenating the blood, and laughter – another reason to keep your mood up!

Special Shout Outs

Cordyceps is the best herb I know of to strengthen the lungs. It stimulates ATP production in the cells, so increases physical energy, and it also increases blood oxygenation.

Chaga is another all-round superstar, packed with antioxidants and one of the best natural immune boosters. I would highly recommend including at least one of these medicinal mushrooms in your daily intake, or even a blend; all the mushrooms are next level when it comes to supporting immunity.

Finally, I don’t believe that the global roll-out of five*G is coincidental timing ****. Simply put, we are electrical beings. Our nervous system is a complex system of wiring. Being continually exposed to high dose levels of radiation is hugely damaging to our nervous systems. I don’t know exactly how it is implicated, whether the virus is a cover for five*G syndrome, or just weakens immunity and increases susceptibility to the virus, but I have no doubt these high intensity radio waves are hugely damaging to the immune system and put us in a state of fight or flight that inhibits physical and mental functioning. As the purpose of five*G is to enable Smart Cities, Artificial Intelligence that will be able to track our every move 24/7, it seems curious timing, to say the least, that this technology is being introduced at the same time that State intervention in people’s personal lives is at an unprecedented level.

Energy protection devices help protect against electromagnetic radiation, and there are many effective EMF neutralisers on the market now. My favourite is Tachyon, I also use a lot of Orgonite. We also carry a product called Geocleanse which neutralises your whole house.

Stay healthy. Stay positive. Use this time to study and create and become even more of a master in your life. This time will pass and the world will need the healers and the lightbearers more than ever.

*search “italy 99% with pre-existing conditions” or “pre-existing conditions coronavirus”

** search “self-limiting disease coronavirus”

*** I use Worldometer to see the daily stats

**** search “dangers of 5G”






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