Fear, Freedom, and Immunity

What Is the Real Virus?

In 2008, I wrote a book with a lady called Shazzie, called Ecstatic Beings. Truth be told, I fell out with Shazzie over that book, and tried to distance myself from it once it was out, as I was deeply unhappy with the finished product. I didn’t look at it much at all in the past decade, but last week, a conversation jogged my memory, and I pulled it from the shelf.

The message of that book is, in a nutshell, love will always triumph over fear. That being happy, not just happy, actually ecstatic, is the best tool we have in this battle of the paradigms that we are in right now. Ecstasy is the pure bliss of being, the knowledge of self, the Atman the yogis talk of, the connection to source that goes beyond the impermanence of existence, the duality of the human experience. It is our birthright, our purpose, our meaning, to seek that oneness in all things and permeate the light that we find in the heights of transcendence, into the depths of the darkness.

The book was an over-excited expression of the understanding that these eternal truths were available to us here and now in the UK. Through the use of yoga, raw foods, and superfoods, we were touching that state of enlightenment, but actually, the most powerful tool we had was our minds, and how we choose to view the world. By choosing love over fear, by cultivating a conscious mindset of always seeking joy and appreciation, we not only start to experience the bliss of self-realization, we also become true revolutionaries, dismantling the system with the most powerful weapon possible: the understanding that spiritual freedom is of far more value than any material success or wealth.  

Fast forward to 2020 and that message seems more imperative than ever. My nutrition study is revealing fathoms of information to me about how our bodies actually work, and it all supports my understanding that the pursuit of happiness is the singular goal around which personal fulfilment, societal contribution, and spiritual growth all come together. You may already know about heart rate variability, or you may not, as I didn’t until this year. HRV is the resonance between the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system. Actually, let’s back track a little, to explain that the autonomic nervous system is divided into two parts, the sympathetic and parasympathetic. The sympathetic is where the fight or flight response occurs, and the parasympathetic is rest and digest. Put simply, when we are on the go, we are in our sympathetic, and when we are relaxed, we are in our parasympathetic. These two systems need to work together in coherence. Then we can access our heart brain, a centre that actually produces sixty times more electromagnetic energy than the brain in our heads.

In our modern day lives, certainly living in London, most people are in their sympathetic all day long, at the expense of their health. HRV is connected to longevity, intelligence, fitness, basically all the markers of health. When we are in fight or flight at the expense of our well-being, we are sacrificing a lot. Fight or flight is a stress response, created by adrenaline in the body. The adrenals are situated just above our kidneys. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, weak kidney energy is fear energy: the more we hammer our adrenals, the more we are in fear. This is also supported by the understanding that the production of adrenalin leaches calcium and magnesium from the cells, and what is the main mineral that supports the heart? Magnesium. Literally, whichever way we look at it, fear and love are in tandem in the body. The more we are in fear, the more our hearts shut down. The more we protect and strengthen our hearts (i.e. find ways to strengthen our parasympathetic nervous system such as yoga, meditation, and adaptogenic herbs), the less we are in fear, and the stronger and more powerful we feel.

One more point that is important to make regarding this: that when HRV is strong, a person has a stronger Pause and Plan response. This is our ability to use our willpower to consider what is the best long-term scenario, rather than acting out of an immediate fear of safety, the survival instinct that is turned on when we are in Fight or Flight. The higher a person’s HRV, the stronger their willpower, the more they are thinking strategically, and the less easily manipulated they are.

So what is happening in the world right now? In London, they have just turned on the 5G, which uses ten times more radiation than the current technologies.  Exposure to these kind of radiation levels have been scientifically shown to affect brain function, cellular metabolism, and significantly increase the risk of cancer. In a nutshell, exposure to high levels of radiation, puts us in the fight or flight response.

On top of that, we have the threat of the coronavirus. Let me throw out just a few statistics here.

  • Currently, in China, there have been less than 3,000 deaths. Population of China: 1.4 billion.
  • An estimated 60,000 people died of regular flu in the USA last year.
  • Worldwide, annually, 20,000 people die from the effects of pesticides.
  • Nearly 5,000 people in London got run over by a bus last year.

I could go on and on, but you get the point: statistically, the chances of you dying from coronavirus are infinitesimal. In fact, you know the highest risk of death in the world: dying in a hospital from something other than what you came in with.

This article is already long enough, but if you feel to go away and research how the immune system works, you will get a clearer understanding of how our state of mind, and our happiness levels, even our gut biome, affect immunity, and how a strong immune system will deal with whatever is thrown at it. The spread of disease in the body is completely dependent on the weakness of the immune system, and there are many simple dietary and lifestyle measures we can take to cultivate a strong immune system that means we will have no need to feel threatened by a virus.

The real virus is not the coronavirus, it is fear, spreading the message that our health is in grave jeopardy, and measures such as closing the borders are necessary. Do you see buses being banned? Or hospitals? Or pesticides, or sugar, or refined foods, or any of the other thousands of things that are prevalent in our society and are far more risk to our health? No, because a fearful population, a population that is in fight or flight mode, is weak-willed and easily controlled.

It’s getting heavy out there. But the immutable truth of human existence remains: by consciously devoting our free time to tapping into naturally available states of being, and avoiding fear-based programming, we are doing the very best thing for our personal health, for our communities, and for the future of humanity.  

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