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I’ve been feeling a little blocked with my writing this year. I may well have written less in 2017 than I have at any other time in my life. Usually it pours out of me (which is why I have four whole unpublished books here in this hard drive).

It’s a weird world right now, that’s undeniable. Has humanity ever looked more brutally messed up? Our world leaders are clinically insane, but to be fair that’s probably not a new thing. What is new is our ability to express our opinions over the internet, and find outlets for our previously intimate perspectives, and truthfully, as someone who believes we are co-creators in this reality, each of us guiding our passage forward by our own personal vibrational satnav, I think our combined inability to handle this new mode of communication and creativity with grace and maturity, is more of the issue than all the Donald Trumps in the universe colliding in the same space-time continuum.

My deeply held belief, the belief that underpins everything I do, is that, as humans, we are LOVE and we are MAGIC. If we stray from that, we are straying from our own intrinsic nature. Love and magic are so basic to our very being, just “As around the sun the earth knows she’s revolving, And the rosebuds know to bloom in early May.” When we relax, align, tune in, settle down into our being, that’s what we inevitably return to. To not be in that state shows dysfunction and damage. And I don’t say this to imply that I am perfect and whole: no, I say it as one who is all too familiar with her own negative patterns and belief systems and how I allow them to sabotage my good fortune. I believe the difference shows in how we deal with our own shadow selves: when I am presented with a situation that doesn’t feel right, I don’t kick against it, I don’t blame and judge whatever brought this darkness into the forefront of my awareness. I thank the universe for the navigational guidance, adjust my sights back to my own healing path, and consider what next steps I might take towards a more harmonious future.

That white racist guy with the guns, who cried, remember him? I bet you anything, explore his narrative and you will find someone who was bullied or abused as a child. Take that portion of his story out of context, like the Internet took the portion that came to light this year, and he would seem like the victim in his story. Not excusing or condoning anything here, just saying judgement never helps. Condemnation never helps. Love is what we are, and the further away a person is from that, the more they deserve compassion.

Evil exists, and it’s gut-wrenching and heart-breaking and terrifying, but the compellingly urgent question in 2017 is, how do we diminish its presence in our lives? We do it by spreading love, in the details, in the smallest of actions. That love is like stitches in a tapestry, and we can weave ourselves back to wholeness again. Everything that is love is easy. When we are not in that state of ease and grace, our only work is to guide ourselves back into it, no more, no less. To return to Donald Trump, the popular bogeyman of modern times, the power of his ilk will diminish the less attention we give him. He does not control your ability to enjoy your life. He does not affect your ability to be an awesome person and share your beauty and generosity of spirit with the world. No-one else can turn that on or off but you.

I have been feeling this year that there are too many opinions floating around in the ether, and I don’t want to add to the cacophony. Writing is how I define myself, for myself, and feeling disenchanted with this means of expression has not been easy. I use my words (and my food) to show my love for the world. So how do I best express the love that flows through me? In what ways does the world need it most? As always, I return to the micro-details, and look for ways to express it as I go about my day, in exchanges with the Uber driver, the lady in Wholefoods, the girl in the call centre, the guy at the ticket office. To smile, to be kind and gentle, to be present in my human interactions: this seems to me what the world is lacking the most in our technologically vociferous age. To not be in a hurry to climb over all the people I meet on my journey, but to be in that moment with them, to allow us both to feel, if even just for a millisecond, that maybe it’s ok to be warm towards a stranger, and maybe the world isn’t such a terrible place.

Right here and now, I’ll always find ways to tap into that source energy, to align with that beautiful place of bliss within, and to move through life anchored in that spot. And when I lose that (which I do, day after day after day), I know my only job is to come back into it, not to curse the people or situations that seemingly took me away from it. I thank them for the value in the lesson they provided, I thank the universe for the medicine that never tastes good but always works. I look for love, and it’s never far away. If I’m finding it hard to love the world, I retreat into sleep, food, yoga, nature. If I’m finding it hard to love myself, I look for inspiration in music, art, people, places. At every turn, within and without, there are new perspectives, new understandings, and each one builds deeper and stronger layers of COMPASSION as the foundation for my being.

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