Ascension of the Divine Feminine

Or - A Femininist Discourse on the Apocalypse

We’ve made great progress in recent years, right? There have been many conversations about diversity and equality, and an attempt to do better to ensure we are represented by a wide range of voices that speak to different cultures and backgrounds and vantage points on the world, so that in our politics and our entertainment we are more equally represented.

Let’s call it March 16th, the day that a visceral shockwave went around the world. That whole week was intense, as we reeled and reeled again from the increasingly dark situation. Out of all the things that struck me in the confusion of that time, one of the biggest was how virtually all the information I was getting, from every side of the fence, was delivered by older white men. Honestly, at this point in my life, I have become so resistant to being told what to do by old white men, who rarely see the world the same way I do but still seem to think they know what’s best for me. It was just one of many, many thoughts and feelings running through me, but I kept coming back to my Feminist Discourse on the Apocalypse.

How many people (outside of my immediate circle) came to me and asked for my opinion on anything? I have vast amounts of knowledge around natural health and immunity, and as has been the situation so often in my life, I felt immensely frustrated at having so much genuinely helpful information that was not getting enough airtime. I tried to venture my thoughts a few times to male friends with public platforms sharing a different narrative, but each time I felt shouted down by men who knew little to nothing on the subject of health, but still felt they knew better than little me, who has only been doing this work her whole life. That’s a big part of how patriarchy operates: by only allowing me opinions that are pleasing and attractive, and shutting me down when I express dissent, is how you chip away at my power, and to my mind, this lack of female agency is a huge component of what has led us to this very crazy point.

Instead, in all the deluge of information I received, videos and podcasts and articles, I noticed it was white man after white man after white man (with the occasional sprinkling of a non-white man), telling me what they unequivocally knew; what inside information they were privy to, how important their point of view was, how urgent it was that we understood they knew exactly what was happening. And yet they all contradicted eachother. This volume of male narcissism was exhausting and off-putting.

But more than that, I noticed a hugely contrasting narrative coming through from the women in my life. Virtually every single woman I spoke to voiced a sentiment of relief. I have worked with thousands of women across the globe in my work as a health educator, and shall I share my biggest take-away? Women are exhausted. From feeling like however hard we work, it’s never enough. Women feel a huge pull to surrender into our divine feminine essence, and yet we know if we do that we will be relegated to a lower paid, lower status existence, and who wants that? It’s a challenging and tiring dance to be who the world needs us to be while also being who we need ourselves to be. Personally, it was one of my first reactions as well, a delicious sense of respite from the relentless demands of the patriarchal capitalist system, and a joy at being able to anchor myself even more firmly into my own inner rhythm, independent of that artificially dictated for me by society, and significantly slower paced.

The next thing I started hearing from women was, “Well, you know actually, it’s not that much different.” How could that be? Because women intrinsically feel divorced from the external power structures. Women know what it is to be confined to the home. My generation was the first generation who were expected to have a life outside the home, encouraged to take up positions of authority in society; that’s a very recent phenomenon that our DNA hasn’t caught up with yet, and still women in so many cultures around the world have not even had a sniff of. Women understand the micro. We understand how to find joy in the small desires, because the big ones are kept out of reach. We know the benefit of making food, creating beautiful spaces, absorbing ourselves with children and animals, and most vitally just being there for our loved ones as a kind of invisible glue that binds society together. In our rush to embrace our agency and our independence, we have overlooked the simple things that nourish us as women, and many women I spoke to intuitively saw this as an opportunity to plug back into that part of themselves that was happy to sleep and bake and read and take a stroll and chat, and pass whole days in the satisfaction and fullness of that.

So that’s my first biggest take-away: for women the experience of being confined to the home is not unfamiliar territory. And secondly, finding joy in the micro is what we have always done as a way of stitching together the fabric of society.

For many women then, life was not so drastically different as lockdown took effect. We continued to cook and clean and do the laundry and hold space for our loved ones as we have done for millenia. But then I began to think about the inequality of this, and the kind of tensions that arise in a household because of that imbalance. I began to think about the kind of relationships, where men are emotionally and even physically abusive, and how women around the world would be dealing with that. All this talk of staying safe in the home, when for many women, their home is not a safe place; Refuge UK for example, reports a 700% rise in phone calls from victims of domestic abuse in March.

Women are generally more relational than men; that is, while men’s identity and sense of self-worth is more inclined to be bound up with their status in the outside world, women’s is more likely to be bound up in the people around her and how they treat her. Relationships dominate our inner landscape, and when we as we are not listened to and valued and respected as we would like, that does not bring us happiness. For myself, I have tried to equalise it out, and find fulfilment in my work as much as I do in my relationships, but it’s not a winning situation when we are not as easily afforded status as men are. Women like myself are working harder on our relationships than most men, while having to work harder on our careers to be afforded the same level of status. This apocalypse situation did nothing to halt the existing tensions in our relationships;  rather, it brought them to the fore, and while it is true that not every woman experiences this negatively, it is a vital component to the world situation that cannot be ignored, if we are looking both at the health of the individual and the health of society.

So takeaway three: women are more relational than men and this new situation put a pressure on relationships that women bear the brunt of more than men. The cosy picture of domestic bliss portrayed by the media, of families doing puzzles together and watching boxsets and enjoying family meals, exacerbates that pressure even more (just as it does at Christmas). It does not make the news, but as an integral part of our collective experience, by ignoring it we risk causing more damage to society than any virus could.

Which brings me to my next point, which is lived experience is our only personal true reality, and all the media drama is not most people’s lived experience. People are transfixed by the media, repeating what they have seen and heard as if they have lived it, as if they have experienced it to be true, not stopping to research and question how evidence based it is. Since the beginning of all this, I have been saying there are two things I am sure of: that the media downright lies and they deliberate conceal the truth of what is going on; and that 5G is implicated somehow. So when we disconnect from the media juggernaut, once again, it’s lived experience where women come into their own. Our reality is embedded in the day to day minutiae of life. Since the lockdown started, humans all over the world have all been forcibly embedded into that lived experience, like a global silent retreat, and that, to my mind, is a wonderful thing. We have had little choice but to examine the microcosm of our lives.

When I write, for clarity’s sake, I try to take my ego self out of the picture as much as possible, and share what I feel is most broadly encompassing. But here and now, I feel it’s important to include my personal experience and emphasise the relevance of anchoring oneself in one’s own interior world and protecting one’s right to a non-consensual viewpoint. This is what makes us human! To reduce us all to those who might die and those who must stay at home should offend your very sense of humanity. We are ineffably complex creatures, each one of us unique and special and of equal importance. When we pay attention to our own beautiful experience of the world and understand that it is just as valid as everyone else’s around us, we step into our humanity, individual yet interconnected. Shutting down and disconnecting from what’s really going on for us, assuming we are faulty in some way because we are different from those around us, destroys our humanity. My own personal perspective has been wildly different from 90% of that which I have read and watched this last month, but it’s only served to anchor me further into believing in the importance of my viewpoint and the necessity of expressing it, because this lack of external agency that I experience is intrinsically tied to the problems that we are facing.

Summation four: anchoring ourselves in our own direct lived experience of sleeping, eating, exercising, talking, sharing, cleaning, and starting all over again every day, is the only way to stay sane, and also the way out of this mess. And number five: recognising the importance of honouring and valuing our own internal narrative is how we reclaim our humanity. Capitalism has disconnected us from the validity of the simple life, and finding our way back to it is the answer for ourselves and our planet.

Oh the planet! Gratitude levels on a million to be in Bali at this time, in such close connection with Mother Earth. One of the biggest things that’s been coming through for me is that she is so happy right now. She is ecstatic that we have stopped all our mindless movement and slowed down our consumption. She is breathing a sigh of relief, and all of creation is exalted at this time. We can choose to tap into the frequency of fear and death that the media presents us with, or we can choose to tap into the frequency of regeneration and rebirth. I am reminded of the work of Ina May Gaskin, and her seminal book Spiritual Midwifery. A midwife on the hippy communes of the 70s, her thesis is that birth should be an ecstatic experience. And that primal ecstasy is available for all mothers to tap into, if they can override the matrix fear programming and find a deeper more connected truth in this experience. I have had many blissful meditations since I arrived here by feeling into the earth energy and feeling how absolutely wonderful it feels in that sphere.

So then when I dive back into apocalypse media, it feels very dissonant. As I said, I have learnt to question male authority voices, and not blindly accept that the way things tell me they are is the way they have to be for me. To my mind, religion is about taking the freedom of the lived experience, and confining it to something that is only found through a delegated channel. All the major religions take as their premise that life is suffering, because that vantage point suppresses the natural ecstasy of existence and makes it something that we have to earn, rather than something that is our birthright. This is not to deny that there is suffering in the world, but to turn our understanding of it on its head and say that challenges are always opportunities for growth and further expansion, therefore in truth suffering is the distortion, and an eternal return to bliss is our natural inclination. Not as we are taught, that bliss is a momentary pause from suffering which is always fleeting, and furthermore must be earned through self-flagellation. This is not a diversion from my point! My point is that birth and death are the eternal cycles of existence, and the archetypal masculine is rooted in death, while the archetypal feminine is rooted in birth, and while we have been living in a patriarchy, our world views life through the lens of death and destruction as the default norm. Virtually every single one of these men on their soapboxes seem to be almost revelling in their apocalyptical forecasts coming true (a couple of notable exceptions being Charles Eisenstein and Sacha Stone), and while I would join them in saying, yes I saw this coming, and yes I tried to warn you, my direct lived experience is that this time is a relief. It is not a death, it is the rebirth we have been seeking.

And a sixth summation: mother earth is very happy right now and the importance of that cannot be overstated. When we tune into the earth energies, they are ecstatic, and this is not perceived through our minds but through our direct feeling experience.

It’s a gross oversimplification; but the more we are anchored in the old paradigm, the more this time is bringing up a lot of fear as reality is literally dying before our eyes. And the more we are anchored in the new paradigm, the more we feel a sense of relief and liberation, and a knowledge that our time has come. Women understand the micro, we understand confinement, we understand the bliss of just being without needing to do, and so we are feeling buoyed up. This is ascension of divine feminine. Ignoring the feminine values of nurturing, community, and authentic receptivity, and the abuse of our mother earth, is a big part of what got us to this point. Acknowledging that that is the direction that we need to shift in is a big part of what will get us out. We came to this earth as healers, as lightworkers. My personal number one biggest stress and anxiety in life has been always feeling that I have so much more to give than society is ready for me to share. I navigate that in a multitude of ways, by developing a multitude of practices, by anchoring myself in an inner connection to the universe that brings me a greater peace than any benefits that increased social status could offer.

Many of my biggest lessons have been about surrender. About not feeling the need to control, or direct things in the way I think they should go. I’ve learnt from experience that my limited egoic perspective can never see the bigger picture, indeed its very function is to protect me from too much information and so keep me alive in the immediate present. I’ve learnt how much better it feels and how much better it always works out when I rest in an awareness of the perfection of the moment. “Everything is in divine order,” has been one of my consistent daily mantras since this is all kicked off. I don’t need to understand what’s going on, and although the pieces of the puzzle started to fall into place for me in early April, actually what kept me going was the knowledge that I didn’t need to know what was going on in order to be effective. Trusting that everything is working out perfectly, and playing my part in that, was actually the best thing I could be doing for myself and the world.

The seventh point then, of how this all leads back to female power: healing is the female principle, and there are millions of people (men and women) who are ready to bring this female principle to the fore in their lives. And finally, number eight: surrender is the female principle. Not needing to know, not having to have it all worked out to know it’s all going to be ok, is a feminine energy that we all need to embody if we want it to actually all be ok!

The heart of our work as healers and lightworkers, is to care for ourselves and then extend that care out to others, from a place of fullness and in the spirit of service. That hasn’t shifted, it has firmed up. This is why I see this time as Ascension of Divine Feminine. Men and women alike are ready to step up and embody the truths that they know they came to share, about how to do things differently. How to create balance and harmony on the earth, how to create systems that value each individual within them equally. How to trust our inner wisdom and value that intuition as to what’s right to us over any external authority. That intuition is our connection to the divine source within ourselves, and it always knows exactly where we need to be and exactly what we need to do. It’s our magic.

Our magic in that, how we master our internal response to a situation, independent of whatever is going on around us, is how we take our power back, and how we create alignment and harmony in the world. The less a person is externally validated, the more they must dig inside if they want to find that validation. After centuries of oppression, we have learnt how to validate ourselves, and our magic is now very powerful! We are up to this task.


Ok, so for those of you who don’t have the patience to read 3,000 words here are the bullet points:

  • Not listening to women, not valuing women’s work, insights and wisdom, not allowing women external agency, and not respecting our mother earth is a big part of what got us into this mess.
  • We don’t have to know or understand what’s going on in order to be valuable to how it unfolds. There is huge power in gracefully occupying a position of vulnerability and acceptance in what is, and anchoring yourself in your inner world.
  • This rich interior world is integral to your humanity; don’t let anyone deny it you, or make you feel like your perspective is faulty because it doesn’t match theirs.
  • Anchor yourself in the simplicity of the human experience to reconnect with the joy of existence, as a means of sanity in these strange times, but also as a guiding light to show you what is important in your life, what really matters to you, and what we need to focus on in future to ensure both personal happiness as well as the survival of humanity.
  • Question your sources of information, see if they resonate with you internally, and ask yourself if you are hearing from a well-rounded selection of voices that represents the authentic human experience, not just a particular narrative that it suits someone’s agenda to have you believe.
  • Your magic is not found outside of you, in fact, it’s independent of what is happening outside of you. Your magic is in doing the work to know truly who you are, without all the layers of fear and BS programming, and bringing that into the world at a time when it’s needed more than ever.
  • Ascension of the divine feminine applies to each one of us individually, no matter what gender we identify with. It’s a wave of energy that is moving through us all, and will exponentially improve all our lives. It’s a natural force that’s time has come, and as we move away from the extreme imbalance of our current society, into an energy system that is more harmonized, we will feel better and better.
  • Mother earth is our garden paradise, we are creators within it, and we came here to experience the joy of that creation and our infinite potential to weave our own individual threads of magic into the universe. This is our birthright, and right now we are in a crucial part of the process of rediscovering it.

Audio Lecture

I gave a talk for Emma Jones Phillips and the Cardiff School of Naturopathy on 31st May 2020. You can access the  2hr zoom audio recording by donating at the Paypal link below. Please put in the notes at checkout “Kate Magic Divine Feminine” and then we will email you the link to the mp3. If you have any issues receiving the mp3, please email with your Paypal receipt. 

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