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You Are Not Broken

There is another example I can give you. You may remember the magnetic drawing boards from your childhood. Beneath a clear plastic cover are iron filaments which respond to a magnetic pencil. The magnetic pencil attracts the filaments and causes them to group together in lines and patterns to form a drawing on the board. Gliding the magnet over the iron filaments can create any kind of pattern. Now just imagine that your heart is the magnet and your love is the pencil. This is your power of influence and you are literally impacting every aspect of your life by just being, being the love that you are. You are a magnet that writes on the drawing board of your life. As you enter any situation the adamantine particles in inherent to it will adjust to the influence you bring. You don’t have to dream up a grand plan and put it on the drawing board. You are the grand plan! All you have to be is the love that you are. Everything will line up to that. The greater the love, the greater the influence. Nevertheless, you don’t have to do anything other than be the love that you are. Your love brings forth the patterns and manifestations which will result. Love without End, Glenda Green

I went to a workshop recently that I thought would be about awakened souls coming together and sharing the joy of being alive, but the emphasis was still placed on, “You are broken, and we, the workshop leaders, are here to fix you.” As truly lovely and interesting as these workshop leaders were, I believe that they are misguided in sharing how we use and apply universal energies, and that this is a common misconception. I am here not to tell you how to fix yourself; if you have found me and you are reading this, I want to tell you that you are not broken, it’s the world that is broken, and you are here to heal it. You are beautiful and perfect and enough beyond measure, and you are here to step into your power and own it.

The prevailing current paradigm of holistic thought is, I am messed up and I need to do a lot of work on myself, so I can manifest what I want – the career, the home, the bikini body, the boyfriend, the puppy on the beach. Manifestation doesn’t work like that because you can’t know what you need from the place in which you need it. If you are perceiving lack, you can only create situations that affirm that lack, even if they might look different on the outside, your internal relationship to them will be parallel to how you felt about your previous situation. You are here to remember who you are and then use that knowledge to help others. You are here to give, not to get. Because when the focus is on giving, you receive way more than you could have ever dreamed of.

People can be fucked up, and I mean so fucked up, it’s heart-breaking. When we are in connection with source, it’s painful to see how far away from it so many people are. When we rest in the knowledge of the innate value and worthiness of human existence, it’s selfish to want anything for ourselves beyond warmth, food and safety. When we have our basic needs met, when we can pay the bills every month and we are not living in fear of our lives, we are blessed and privileged and it’s time to give thanks, not ungratefully demand ever more travel breaks and yoga pants while others still live in suffering. It’s our work to rectify these imbalances so we can all get our human needs met and from there work out how to live in a more elevated way. Imagine having access to the workings of the universe and then wanting to use it to just on a new car! It’s a disconnected way of thinking, and truly squandering energy that could be put to work in a more rewarding way. Because we are one, and we can never be fulfilled while society remains in its current state of poverty and lack. There is a sweet spot that is hard to reach, but it’s the balance point we need to find; being able to sit comfortably and assuredly in the feeling and knowledge that we are enough, while not needing anything materially to prove that.

My wish for myself is that I experience joy and wholeness in this moment. This is a tricky, perhaps even impossible, thing to maintain, even with decades of practice, I fall out of alignment all the time. I had a brilliant weekend, and I was heading into a lovely week, but on my three hour train journey yesterday I still felt antsy and irritable when I knew I could be glowing with gratitude. Why does that happen? I don’t know, but I know that my main job on this earth is to move past those off-key mindsets and reconnect with my wholeness. When I am in my deep flow state, in tune with the intelligence of the universe, the way that life reveals itself in all its intricacies is truly mind-blowing. I seek to remember who I am and I seek to serve, and my life is so over-flowing with blessings, miraculous is not too strong a word.

When I am present, I am tapped into a power way beyond what my mind can conceive. The mind’s function is to create limitations, and that is helpful, actually necessary, to function in the 3D, but the 3D is not where the magic is birthed, the magic is birthed in the fourth dimension where we interface with spirit and harness the full force of cosmic connection. That is manifestation! Knowing that you don’t need anything. Feeling the freefall of grace working in your life. Allowing all that is to work through you.

Stop trying so hard. Stop giving other people your power. Stop buying into this idea that you are not already enough as you are. Stop feeling that you have to make excuses for your happiness. Allow yourself to express gratitude for all that you have and joyfully anticipate all that is to come.

Life is a dream; allow yourself to be both the dreamer and the dreamed. That way all your deepest soul yearnings will get to express themselves through you, unhampered and unrestricted, and the fulfilment that you will experience will lead to even greater revealings of the universe’s majesty and truth. Put that on your vision board and smoke it. Happy 2019.

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