A Practical Guide To The Ascension Process

An Imaginary Conversation

Ascension, Kate? Really though? Shouldn’t we be worrying about climate change and racism and viruses and patriarchy? To me, people who talk about ascension are not grounded in reality, they are not dealing with the important issues of the day. It might be a nice idea, but I personally think they are off in a la-la fairy land. They said we were all going to ascend in 2012, and nothing much happened there, in fact everything’s been getting worse since then. I’m not really interested in all that new age stuff. I care about the world and I want to heal the planet and stop racism and do my part to make sure this virus doesn’t spread. So you can miss me with all that spiritual gobbledy gook.

OK. Apart from, you are already probably in the ascension process. And if we want to fix the ills of the world today, the ascension process is actually where it’s at!

Hmmm, well you could start by telling me what you mean by Ascension.

Everything is energy, and all energy has a frequency. The universe that we are a part of is 99.9% energy and as humans, until now, our consciousness has predominantly been concerned with the material dimension, which we can call the 3D. If your consciousness is solely based in the material world; if you don’t have any belief system around a higher power; if all your focus and energy goes into survival, and beyond that, material wealth and success; if you don’t believe in any kind of afterlife; if you eat a lot of animal produce, you will be locked into the 3D.

Anyone who believes in any kind of higher power; anyone who actively converses with that higher power; anyone who believes in the existence of their own soul which goes beyond this lifetime; anyone who puts self-development work anywhere on their to-do list; anyone who is cleaning up their diet, is moving out of the 3D, and stepping into an understanding of the world beyond their visible senses.

That’s it. That’s simply it. That’s the Ascension Process. The recognition that there is more to this life than the material realm, and a willingness to interact and explore the dimensions beyond.

If that’s true, why is it happening now?

Everything is energy, as we just said, and all energy is in perpetual motion. We call the ways energy moves time and space, but these are just vastly over-simplified frameworks of understanding for immensely intelligent systems. When we move out of the 3D we start to understand how we can bend time and transcend the physical limitations of space. But from where we are in this present point that we define as time and space, the movement of energy is accelerated, it’s at a tipping point. This acceleration point has been predicted in many cultures globally throughout history, and right now we are in it. The frequencies are ramping up. When we understand ourselves as part of a singular energy field, we understand we have no choice in this matter, it’s a wave of energy that’s engulfing us whether we like it or not. We can surf it or we can drown, but the days of paddling safely by the water’s edge are gone.

Sorry, I still don’t really get what you are talking about, Miss Magic

Ok, from a human perspective, everyone has felt it in the last few decades. This kind of ramping up of the energies. A sense of everything speeding up, and being out of control. My personal experience is that this all began with the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, then increased some more around 2006, and since last year 2019, we have been in another phase of intense escalation. The 3D material structures that contained us for the past couple of millenia are literally dissolving before our eyes. If we try to cling onto the outdated paradigm of the old reality, we will see and experience a lot of destruction. But if we do the work on our energy bodies, and keeping our frequency high, then we are readying ourselves for the incoming waves of light energy being downloaded onto the earth.

You sound really positive, but the world’s in a terrible state, it doesn’t make sense to me

The dominant paradigm of the last few thousand years has come to its natural end. It is in overdrive right now. It is eating itself. What began as an impulse to bring civilization to the world in the form of safety and stability, has now morphed into the toxic overlords of environmental destruction, patriarchy, white privilege and capitalism. The amount of people benefitting from the system at this point is minute. However, those hardcore few are not bowing out gracefully, but fiercely hanging onto power while they still can. They are pulling out all the stops to keep the world’s consciousness locked into the energy frequencies that serve them. It’s a losing battle and the ascension process is too powerful, everything they do serves more and more humans to awaken to the preferable nature of aligning with the new frequencies.

OK, I’m not totally convinced, but I’m kind of interested at this point. Tell me more. You said at the beginning I’m probably already in the ascension process? Doesn’t that mean I don’t need to do anything?

No. Unequivocally no. You absolutely need to do something, in fact the whole future of humanity rests on you doing something right now! No pressure, but your personal individual awareness and action is key to this whole process.

This shift is happening whether we are engaged with it or not. But the level of our engagement dictates whether it will be tumultuous or plain sailing. It’s a high frequency energy force that needs humans to activate it. The more we delay in activation, the more death and destruction we will be exposed to. The old world is dying. The longer we stay in it, the worse it gets. The quicker we align with the new world, the easier the transition. The rulers of the old world have a plan and it’s not a pretty plan, and we want to act fast so that they don’t get to act out any more of their plan than they already have done.

OK but I’m still not clear on what I actually need to do?

Cellular detoxification is the name of the game. In the last few decades, we have been exposed to more and more ways to keep us locked into 3D. Environmental toxins, pollutants in the air and water, chemicals in the food, EMFs, vaccines, mind control programmes, Psyops, all these are deliberate and intentional strategies to delay the ascension process.

You have trillions of cells in your body, and remember, each cell is 99.9% space. When we cleanse and detoxify, we start to open up the cells and access that space: God, the universe, the Quantum field, whatever you want to call it. But however you choose to name it, it’s infinite intelligence, and it’s inside of you. The more you cleanse and detoxify, the more you access that infinite intelligence. It’s an ongoing process, and sorry to state the obvious, but as it’s infinite, it has no end. Once you commit to this process in your life, you’ve moved into 4D: knowing there is more to reality and having a desire to be actively engaged with whatever that looks like for you. Since the late 60s, when this wave started, more and more people have entered into 4D. In 4D, as we are beyond duality, we experience unity consciousness, and the desire to be of service and help others is very strong. Through a combination of dedication to your own self-development work and helping many others out of 3D, we start to ascend further and further. I’m not going to label it any more than that right now, partly because I don’t believe labels are helpful, partly because I don’t have solid evidence for where 4D ends and 5D begins outside of my own intuitions and experiences, and partly because it’s not useful to put some kind of competition factor in there like that’s any way the point of it.

You seem like you know a lot about it though.

I’ve had a very clear intention around this my whole life, for me, it’s been a journey of finding frameworks in order to share this perspective. It’s where my endless joy and enthusiasm springs from, a connection to a deep sense of purpose, a lightness that comes from feeling that level of cosmic harmony and firm direction of intentionality, and a clarity of vision that brings me hope and strength.

You still haven’t told me what to do though.

Did you read 10 Steps to Being a Revolutionary? It’s all there basically.

Drink clean water
Eat high vibrational foods
Get in nature often
Limit or avoid mainstream media and its echo chamber, social media
Use your body in ways that please you – whatever activates the meridians, circulates prana and raises kundalini
Pray, meditate, whatever it looks like to you to have those conversations with the higher power
Know your purpose and be clear about what it is
Utilise your gifts in an intentional way
Be focussed on service not personal gain
Follow the alignments of the sun stars and moon
Engage in cleansing practices to keep the temple clear
Be open to the signs and signals that the universe sends you

Wow that sounds really fun. And you’re right, I am doing a lot of it already.


But don’t you think it’s naïve to imagine that that’s enough to change the world?

No, because I believe in divine intelligence. We are each a part of the whole. We each have a unique part of the puzzle. When we step into our higher purpose with intentionality, we have the skills and tools needed to put all of this right. Improved economic systems, education systems, healthcare, our relationship with our environment and eachother, how we grow food, all of it. One of us is an expert in everything we need to know. Once we shift our focus to complaining about all the problems to knowing that we are the solution, that’s when ascension really gathers pace.

Part of the reason that this is such a stressful and challenging time for so many is down to the levels of distortion that are happening in our collective narratives. When we clean our temples, we see with a clearer lens and we more readily embody what is true for us, rather than acting and reacting from our programming and conditioning. The fear and lack-based narratives intentionally designed to hold us in the 3D have less resonance with us, and we realise our true nature as beings of infinite love inhabiting a planet of wonderous abundance.

Ok well when you put it like that….I’m feeling really inspired now, I’m going to go and [ YOU FILL IN THE BLANK ].

My pleasure! Thanks for your time 🙂

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