Rainbow Cake

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I’m not sure I can recollect the exact inspiration for this cake. I think perhaps I had some coconut flour and I was trying to find a way to make it work in a raw recipe.

I use dried coconut flakes a lot in my cakes and pastries: I grind them to a flour and like them because they are easier on the digestion than other nuts, and make a nice light cake without dominating the flavours too much.

But actual coconut flour goes through a different drying process which makes it super dry, with an almost unpleasant mouth feel. Hence the large amounts of liquid in this recipe I had to use to make it work, but the end result is a super light, melt in the mouth coconut snowball kind of thing. Making the layers actually isn’t as fiddly as you might imagine, and the impressive appearance of the finished cake is definitely worth the effort.

I use Coconut Secrets coconut flour as I believe it is the only truly raw coconut flour on the market.


You don’t need any special equipment to prepare the cake, but you do need silicon molds to set it in

Recipe Ingredients

Recipe Instructions

In a large bowl, mix your coconut flour and xylitol together.

I would recommend using xylitol rather than any other sweetener in this recipe, because it won’t affect the colour.

Once they are evenly mixed, add the water; it will go a little clumpy, that’s fine. Next, get four more smaller bowls, and divide this mixture into five.

Each portion will make a little over a cup. It doesn’t need to be exact! Now that you have five near equal sized portions of white mixture, add one teaspoon of superfoods to each bowl, to make the different coloured layers.

Stir in as best you can; it will still be a little clumpy, don’t worry.

Now melt your coconut oil in a double saucepan over a low heat, this takes about five minutes if you want to keep it at the low temperatures that maintain its raw status.

First take your purple corn layer, and stir in half a cup of liquid coconut oil. Stir it firmly, breaking down any of those stubborn clumpy bits, so you have a smooth paste.

Take your silicon mold (I have used a square, and a heart, and I have also made little individual cakes like the ones pictured), and spread your purple layer over the base of your mold.

It will seem like its too thin, but we patient, it will spread. Now do the same with your KLA layer: add the coconut oil, beat it to a paste, and spread a thin layer over the top of your first layer.

Repeat the process with the matcha, turmeric, and finally strawberry. Now put your cake in the freezer, and leave it there to set for around an hour. If you take the cake out too soon, it will crumble, so be patient. Once it’s solid, you can easily turn it out of your silicon mold, and if you have a square cake, you may want to cut it into cubes at this point. If you have a heart shape, I would leave it as it is!

Either make some raw chocolate using your favourite recipe, or melt down a couple of bars. Pour the chocolate over the cake, allowing just a little to drip down the sides for effect, but so you can still see the layers. Pop it back in the freezer to set for another 20-30 mins.

You can happily store the cake in the freezer or the fridge. It keeps well, up to a couple of weeks in the fridge, just make sure it doesn’t get any moisture in it or it will go soggy.

Total Time
45 mins
1 hr to set

Makes 16 small slices

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