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I have a few pet peeves when it comes to raw foods. One is cauliflower rice that is just cauliflower ground to a flour: it’s not the texture of rice and it doesn’t taste good, who wants that? Another is unmassaged kale: kale is really fibrous and if you don’t give it a little helping hand pre-digestion, your gut is not going to be too happy about it. Also, what’s with the amount of restaurants that serve unmarinated kelp noodles that taste like rubber bands? But my biggest peeve is “green juice” that’s full of fruit. Green Juice was pioneered by Ann Wigmore, who founded Hippocrates Health Institute. The healing properties of the juice are many, but making sure it doesn’t impact the blood sugar is crucial. At Hippocrates, they avoid virtually all fruits entirely, and this is a key component of their programme. To me, putting fruit in green juice is like putting an egg in a cake and calling it vegan, just because all the rest of the ingredients are. If it has fruit in, it’s not Green Juice! Technically, yes, it is green and it is juice. But it’s not the real deal.

This green smoothie would definitely be Hippocrates approved. Sometimes I have it when I don’t have time for dinner, if I’m heading out to a party or a yoga class. It’s as nutritious and sustaining as a meal, and makes me feel amazing. I think it’s delicious, I have no problems gulping it all down and wishing I had more. Make it and let me know what you think!



A blender and a milk bag

Recipe Ingredients

1 cucumber

½ head celery

1 lemon

handful spinach

handful kale

½ frozen avocado

½ red chilli pepper

1 tsp Chlorella or Spirulina*


Recipe Instructions

I make juice using the blender method. Prepare your cucumber, celery, spinach and kale for the blender. Remove the skin of the lemon, use the whole fruit without the peel. Blend everything up and then squeeze it through a milk bag to remove the pulp. You don’t want the pulp! It’s too fibrous to digest easily. Save it for breads and crackers if you wish, or it makes good dog food.

Pour the juice back in the blender along with the frozen avocado, chilli pepper (seeds removed), and your micro-algae. I favour chlorella, and personally I use a whole tablespoon, but I don’t want to scare you off so just start with a teaspoon. Blend it until the avocado is smooth. Frozen avocado makes it thicker and creamier than straight avocado; I buy them ready frozen. I usually pour it in a bottle and hit the road, to drink my liquid dinner on the way to my next adventure.

Total Time

15 mins


Makes 2 glasses, 600ml

*Note: We stock 5 brands of Spirulina on Raw Living. My favourite is actually Hawaiian.

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Comments (6)

  • Neil Porter says:

    1. How long does it take to de-louse a nut milk bag and are they re-usable.
    2. How much juice is lost by not using a juicer and just squeezing by hand after blending.
    3. Where can frozen Avocado be purchased. I’ve never seen it.
    4. I love the idea of a blended and squeezed juice but imagine the resultant mess with squeezing may put me off
    that as well. (Juice all over the counter and floor anyone).
    5. What kind of blender would be big enough for the job.

  • Neil Porter says:

    Additional question, if I may..

    There appears to be no liquid involved.
    Will this be more like a pate, rather than something suitable to actually drink.

  • anneliese says:

    Kate, thank you for this recipe! I have to try it! Do you think it would be okay to omit the chilli pepper? I don’t have access to organic ones and I also don’t like spicy things!

  • Cristina Jones says:

    I have tried this today , slightly adapted and I absolutely loved it! I always love everything from you and thank you for reminding me to leave fruit out. I used cayenne pepper instead of a chilli , courgette instead of kale and added a bit of nutritional yeast , to use what I have here. So yummy!

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