Winter Warmer

The first incarnation of this recipe happened in 2012.

I’d been going to LA and visiting Truth Calkins at the Tonic Bar in the legendary Erewhon.

The Reishi Cappucino they had back when I first tried it in 2009 was something else: maybe it was the quality of the Reishi, maybe it was just Truth’s magic touch, but it definitely set the gold standard of hot milky superfood drinks, yet to be surpassed.

Over the years, I’ve simplified the recipe, to one that is both easy and delicious enough to make it a staple. I enjoy these kind of hot drinks daily in the winter months.

As soon as the temperature starts dropping, usually around early November, until Spring starts peeking out from behind the annual curtains in March, hot superfood drinks are an essential part of my strategy for not letting the cold and the dark get to me.

Around 3-4pm, I make a litre, and drink it for the rest of the afternoon, giving me the exact kind of calm and focused energy I need to get me through until the evening meal.


  • A blender

Recipe Ingredients

Recipe Instructions

Heat the water first. I heat it to 80 deg rather than boiling it; boiling it destroys the flavour and you only have to let it cool down to around 80 degrees before you can drink it anyway!

Put everything in the blender and blend together.

You need to create an escape valve for the steam, or your blender lid might explode off! Blenders usually have a little hole in the top with a cap: lift the cap and wrap it with a tea towel to absorb any splashes.

Drink the same day: maca doesn’t keep well when added to water.

Total Time
5 mins

Makes 1 litre

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