Chocolate Rebirth Smoothie

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When I moved into my new home, on the big day of unpacking I treated myself to a take out from Farmacy. Farmacy is one of my favourite food spots in London, I can taste the quality of the produce they use, and the care and attention that’s gone into the menu. To be honest, they don’t have a ton of raw food options, but my favourite is the Caesar salad. I was really excited to see that because they are so close by to my new place, I could get a delivery to my door. I don’t remember the last time I ordered take away! It felt like a wonderful treat for myself, and an affirmation that in my new home I would be provided for with the very best. I ordered a green juice, the Caesar salad, and the chocolate smoothie with all the extras  – reishi, chaga, and he shou wu. I could have easily made all this myself, but it was the sheer joy and blessing of having it made and delivered that made me so happy. It all tasted so good, and is one of those meals that will stay in my memory forever; an occasion where the nourishment you gain from eating it is just as much about the time and the place as the food itself. So this chocolate smoothie is in homage to that moment of feeling reborn into a new chapter of my life, where wonderful things come to me. Plus no time of the year says rebirth as much as Easter, so I feel I get double points for posting this on Easter weekend.


A Blender

Recipe Ingredients

Recipe Instructions

Blend everything together. Serve immediately.

Total Time

10 mins


1 litre (4 glasses)


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