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Although I’m well known for my cakes, I don’t eat a lot: I just truly love feeding people, elevating their energy with deeply nourishing foods. It’s one of the things that brings me the greatest joy in life. So I make a lot of cakes, because everyone loves cake, you can make them super pretty and yummy, while sneaking in a whole bunch of medicinal ingredients like mushrooms, micro-algaes, and adaptogens. But this Tiramisu is so good, I have been eating it all myself!

So, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I present to you, Chaga Tiramisu: no coffee, but chaga and maca to give you a buzz. The sponge is so light, the cream is so thick and creamy, the chocolate is so dense on the top – I’m in love!


  • 1 x 1 lb loaf tin (preferably silicon)
  • High power blender

Recipe Ingredients

Coffee Sponge

Rum Mascarpone

Chocolate Layers


Recipe Method

The most important ingredient in this recipe is Willpower. The Willpower to not eat all the mixture while you are making it!

First, we are going to make the chia sponge. In your speedy blender, grind the almonds and chia together to a flour. Take them out, and then grind the raisins (if you are lucky enough to have a super fancy blender, you can blend them all at once, but if you are just working with a bullety gadget, you will need to do it in stages).

Transfer the almonds, raisins, and chia to a mixing bowl, and add in the lucuma, maca, chaga, and coffee extract (essential for the authentic flavour). Stir it all together well, then gradually pour in the water. It will seem at first as if you have too much water, but that is the magic of chia! Like it does when you make a breakfast porridge, ground chia has the superpower of soaking up water, and this is what makes our Tiramisu light and spongy. Divide the mixture into two halves, and use one half to line your loaf tin. Silicon loaf tins work best, but if you are working with a standard metal tin, then you need to line it with foil to stop it from sticking.

To make the marscapone, take your coconut yoghurt (I used CoYo*), and mix it up in a bowl with lucuma and rum extract (not essential, but a fun addition).

Scoop half your cream over the top of your sponge. Then take one tablespoon of raw cacao powder, and evenly sprinkle that over your cream. Get the rest of the sponge, and spread that across next – it will be pretty spongey by now, and nicely pliable. Then use the rest of your cream. Then another tablespoon of cacao powder.

Finally, we are going to top it with ridiculous amounts of chocolate. You can make your own of course, if you have a favourite recipe, or buy a big bar. I like EnJoy Intense. Break it into shards (you can just do this with a knife on a chopping board), and cover the cake.

So, just to recap, it goes like this: sponge, mascarpone, cacao powder, sponge, mascarpone, cacao powder, chocolate.


Pop it in the fridge to set, it will take a couple of hours. If you are using a silicon mold, it will pop out nicely. If you had a tin lined with foil, pull it out using the foil, and peel the foil off. Store in the fridge, it actually keeps pretty well, for up to five days.

*Please note, you need exactly a whole large pot of CoYo. Don’t do what I did, and think you can get away with tasting a bit, because a bit will turn into half the pot, and then you won’t have enough to make that lovely thick layer in your Tiramisu, and you will either need to go out and buy some more, or abandon the whole activity. 

Total Time

45 mins


12 slices


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Comments (13)

  • Alix says:

    This looks incredible Kate….! One question – can you / should you soak the almonds or would this alter the consistency of the cake?

  • Lorne Sprigg says:

    Hi from Australia Kate ..
    WOW what an amazing recipe that is just the best ! I have recently begun to add more and more medicinal mushrooms in my diet and they are truly amazing . I have found the combination of Reishi and Chaga something very special and followed the tip after David Wolfe spoke about the Yin and Yang of herbs and how the combination works when taken .
    Thank you for your beautiful wisdom . I Read each piece you gift and it makes such a difference to allow this food and energy in our lives .. Many thanks .. Lorne

  • Chris says:

    This recipe is genius! Is it wrong to eat the whole cake in 2 days? I just made it again and it only took 30 mins. Thanks.

  • Simone Shaw says:

    If you don’t have the coffee or rum flavourings, can you substitute with vanilla?

  • This recipe is really not hard at all! And, it looks absolutely delicious. I’m going to make it this weekend. One quick question can you substitute liquid grain coffee for the coffee extract?

  • Tobias Gerdin says:

    Mine came out fairly bitter, as if I used bitter almonds (though I did not). But perhaps that is from the lucuma powder (which I never used before)? Or that I just used straight filtered coffee as liquid instead of the coffee drops… Also, perhaps it would be good to give some rough dimensions for the loaf tin? Using a 9-inch one like I did the mascarpone layers ended up fairly thin, next time I’ll opt for 6-inch one. Nevertheless, thanks for an interesting recipe!

    • Kate Magic says:

      Yes Tobias, the idea is not 2 use coffee 🙂 a loaf tin is always a standard size, but i have added that 2 the recipe instructions, thanks 4 ur feed back

      • Tobias Gerdin says:

        Ah yes, I do sympathize with not using coffee. I will make another one once I get can my hands on those drops then.
        I also wonder whether the canonical measurements are the imperial or metric ones? When I measured up my 90g of almonds it looked like significantly less than 1 cup. Regarding the loaf tin size, Sweden appears to be not so standardized. But from what I can gather a UK 1 lb tin would be a slightly bigger than a traditional Swedish rye loaf tin, which I do have on hand. Thank you!

  • Michelle says:

    I have been meaning to make this for ages (it sounds amazing!) & have finally got round to it but I can’t quite work out the measurement of the almonds. Should it maybe be 1/2 cup (90 grams)? 1 cup for me is a lot more in weight. I am using Raw Living almonds. I’ll go with the 90g & see how it turns out (if I’ve done something wrong it’ll just be a good excuse to make another ☺️)…

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