Rob Verkerk

Of ANH International

I am a big fan of Rob’s work, and if you read my articles regularly, or have been to any of my talks, you have probably heard me mention ANH. When the EU regulations restricting the sale of herbs came in in 2013, I was pretty distraught, and didn’t know where to turn. The resources on ANH really helped me understand the situation we were in, and Rob and his team were very helpful in suggesting constructive routes forward. ANH stands for Alliance for Natural Health, and they are a campaigning organisation who work on a wide variety of issues such as vaccinations, GMO, and electromagnetic pollution, as well as the laws surrounding herbs and supplements. They fill a unique and vital role by trying to stand up to governments and big corporations and fight for fairer and more humane laws.

In this audio interview, we didn’t even get to talk about the EU regulations or electromagnetic pollution, which are two of my favourite subjects to discuss! I was fascinated to hear how ANH began, and the way Rob links sustainable ecology with human health. We talked about nutrition, and how ANH are working to get the government recommendations updated and more aligned with our current understanding of what constitutes sound nutrition (i.e. less carbs). And I was keen to hear Rob’s tips for staying healthy and energised despite a stressful job working long hours. Enjoy the interview, and please consider supporting ANH through this link, they do invaluable work to protect our health freedoms.

Listen to the interview with Rob Verkerk

This interview was recorded in November 2016.

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