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I do think Rehmannia might be the most interesting person I have ever interviewed. He is an American who has been studying Chinese herbalism for over ten years, originally under the tutelage of Ron Teeguarden.

His range Shaman Shack is one of my favourite ranges that we stock on Raw Living: I love all his formulations, Super Morning Jing and Three Immortals being two staples of mine.

So I was keen to probe him on the benefits of Chinese herbs, and his understanding of their potency. For every question that he answers, I feel I could ask ten more, his answers are so in-depth and revelatory. As I said at the end of the interview, he has clearly studied and learnt so much from the texts and his teachers, but also he grasps it all on an experiential level, and it’s having those two pillars of understanding that makes his knowledge so solid. He is describing quite esoteric concepts, that are really beyond the range of Western thinking, and yet he describes them in a way that makes them sound clear and obvious (to me, at least – I hope to you as well!).

Listen below and let me know what you think.


Click to play the interview with Rehmannia.

This interview was recorded in August 2016.

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  • alex beer says:

    i just loved this interview it was super informative for me as i feel i am going through a strong transformation in spirit and also with my body. may of my questions have been answered so thank you. xx

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