Pedro Martinto

Raw Organic Peruvian Foods

Fascinating interview for anyone interested in raw chocolate. After working with cacao for over 12 years, for the very first time, I managed to speak with a producer in South America. Pedro runs a Peruvian company with an unparalleled standard of ethics and regard for the environment, the farmers, and the end product.

Pedro shares in great detail how the cacao is grown and how it is processed (without the use of heat), into the products that we have on our shelves: cacao nibs, powder, butter, and liquor. He explains the importance of using low temperatures, the strict controls they employ to ensure a premium product, and his outstanding fair-trade practices. He also discusses some of the other crops he produces, such as yacon and golden berries.

We are proud to be able to offer you Pedro’s crops through our own brand Raw Living range. We are also using his cacao in our new chocolate bars.


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  • Annie says:

    Thanks for this absolutely fascinating interview Kate. Great to know that there are producers like this man, who really understand the importance of raw products.

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