Lynne McTaggart

Best-selling author, researcher, and lecturer

I first became aware of Lynne’s work around 20 years ago, through her publication What Doctors Don’t Tell You. WDDTY was a valuable resource back when the Internet was still in its infancy, and it was hard to find alternative sources of information. WDDTY looked at common modern medical practices, and uncovered a different side of the story from the one the medical establishment would have us believe. I’m fairly sure it was a paper magazine which I subscribed to and would receive a monthly edition of through the door. It definitely was instrumental in opening my eyes to a lot of what went on, and presented the issues in a non-sensationalist, easy to follow way.

Then in 2001, Lynne brought out The Field, her book on consciousness research, and the nature of quantum energy. This book was ground-breaking because it took the central notion that mystics have always intuitively understood about life: that all is one, and we are all connected by some greater intelligent force, and went deep into the modern scientific research that proves the ancient spiritual truths. I loved it because, like WDDTY, it was presented in such a no-nonsense way, it made it hard for people to dismiss as just some hippy rubbish. It’s a wonderful book which you should really read if you haven’t already.

In this interview, Lynne recaps on this early work but what she’s really keen to discuss is her latest book, The Power of Eight, which came out last year. Developing on from her work researching The Field, Lynne has been running Intention Experiments and workshops. She tells us the incredible results she has been getting, having groups of people meditate together at the same time on the same thing (not necessarily in the same place).

If you haven’t got time to listen to the full 45 minute interview right now, I’ve cut out a 2 minute clip below, where Lynne describes the nature of the quantum universe (or what I love to call magic), more succinctly than I’ve ever heard it put before.

Two Minute Preview:

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