Karen Ranzi

Author of Creating Healthy Children

In this interview, I talk to Karen Ranzi, who has been raw for over two decades, and raised her two children on a raw vegan diet. We discuss her introduction to the raw lifestyle by her grandmother when she was a child, and her journey as an adult into fully embracing a raw vegan lifestyle herself. Karen shares with us how she came to be a raw food educator, and how it often seems it’s easier to change your religion than your diet!

Like myself, Karen chose to home educate and non-vaccinate, and as well as discussing these topics Karen talks about the foods and supplements she gave her children when they were young.

Karen is a passionate advocator of the vegan lifestyle, and this interview is a must-listen for anyone who is considering raising their children as vegans.

Karen’s website is, and her book is called Creating Healthy Children. Karen runs raw food retreats in Costa Rica annually, with her daughter Gabriela Ranzi.

I am one of the invited speakers on Karen’s new Raw Foods Summit, starting November 27th. To join this free audio summit featuring 28 of the most prominent raw and vegan educators in the world, register here


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