David Wagner

of Advanced Tachyon Technologies

Amazing interview with David Wagner, the pioneer of Tachyon Technology. I’ll leave it to him to explain what Tachyon exactly is and how it works, but trust me, it’s something we all need in our lives. I am very concerned about the outpouring of EMFs that we are all subjected to, and how they affect and our health and vitality, and I feel that Tachyon is a brilliant way to shield us from the damaging effects of these frequencies.

Currently, I personally use the Tachyon on my phone and laptop, I have a silk scarf that I wear when travelling, and my favourite item is the eye mask that I sleep with every night. I had developed sinus issues (as a result of dental work I had done), and since I have had the eye mask, it has reduced my sinus issues by about 90%. So Tachyon can be used in one of two ways: to rebalance the body and restore damaged cells and bring a person back into good health; or if you don’t have a health issue that you need to address, then it is equally fantastic for maintaining optimum vitality, boosting your frequency, and expanding your energy field.

I felt so charged just from speaking with David over Skype, I hope you get the same buzz from listening to the interview.

You can find a range of Tachyon devices on our site here. David’s site, where you can find more information and videos is Planet-Tachyon. You might also want to check out this site, with more info on EMFs, and research the dangers of Smart Meters.

Listen to the interview with David Wagner.

This interview was recorded in November 2016.

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