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So grateful that I got to spend an hour in conversation with GT Dave. His brand of Synergy Kombucha was my introduction to this wonderful fermented beverage. I remember visiting LA for the first time in 2008, and having my mind blown by the huge selection of Synergy (now GT’s Living Foods)┬áin the stores, and the extent to which it was available, not just in exclusive health food stores, but in grocery stores across the city.

I was keen to find out how he came to pioneer the industry, and play such a pivotal role in the popularisation of the drink across the world. Now, on my travels, it’s not unusual to find local brands of kombucha in the cities that I visit, and in London we are starting to catch up with LA, with dozens of brands sitting in the fridges of the big stores, but I think it’s true to say that GT paved the way and created the market that is currently exploding.

Of course, we also discuss the benefits of kombucha, some of the practicalities of proper care and nurturing of scobies, different flavour profiles, and how kombucha complements a raw vegan diet.

Listen to the interview with GT Dave

Interview recorded June 2017

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