Gabriel Cousens

Holistic Physician

Dr Gabriel Cousens is the founder of The Tree of Life Centre in Arizona, and one of the leading holistic physicians in the world. He teaches “Spiritual Nutrition”: food not just for the physical body but also the light body. He believes that as much as 30% of our energy comes from the spiritual dimension, and that raw vegan foods are the best foods for nourishing that aspect of ourselves.

Gabriel talks to Kate about how he came into raw foods, how he sustains a healthy vegan diet and the important nutrients to consider, Tachyon and the necessity of protecting ourselves against 5G, and the current direction of the raw food movement.

This is a must-listen interview for everyone interested in the raw food lifestyle. Gabriel is one of the few people in the world who has been a healthy raw vegan for many decades (since the 80s!), and has helped many thousands of people with his books and retreat centre.

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