Fred Bisci

Author of Your Healthy Journey

It drives me crazy when people say that you can’t do a raw vegan diet long-term! Of course, going raw vegan doesn’t instantly confer perfect health, but I’ve been doing it for over two decades now, and I know it works. It doesn’t have to be expensive, or time-consuming, or socially awkward, or all the other excuses people make. But don’t just take my word for it! I thought I would interview the person who has been raw vegan for longer than anyone else I know of. Fred Bisci is a native New Yorker who has been living and eating this way for over fifty years, that’s longer than most of us have been alive.

Fred Bisci, PhD has had a pioneering and still active practice in New York City for over fifty years. He has worked with over 35,000 people all over the world with numerous health issues by helping them change their eating, drinking and living lifestyles through his real, clean, fresh food approach.

He looks at biochemical and physiological relationships rather than a simple dietary or nutritional standpoint. Fred has developed the Your Healthy Journey Lifestyle Program as a holistic effort toward the body’s natural detoxification. His program empowers you to set healthier personal parameters through eating and drinking various combinations of plant-based foods as you commit to Your Healthy Journey. Fred’s Journey is built from his own personal journey of a 100% raw food lifestyle for over fifty years, revealing an intimate relationship of real, fresh, organic food and the body’s incredible ability to always seek health.

Born in 1929 on Staten Island, Fred grew up only eating real food – including his mom’s authentic, fresh raw and cooked preparations. As a young man, Fred completed eighteen marathons, two ultra-marathons, and was a boxer and Olympic style weight lifter. He has remained active throughout his life, successfully working with amateur and professional weight lifters, boxers, basketball players, marathon runners, triathletes, wrestlers and actors.

Fred won the famed Nova Award for best television health series by hosting “Eat Your Way to Health.” He has nationally and internationally spoken on “How to Lead a Healthy Life” at universities, professional organizations, and business groups.

Fred’s website is, where you can also buy his book of the same name.

Recorded in 2015

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