Barbara Wren

Author of "Cellular Awakening" and "Our Return to the Light"

It was such an honour to spend an hour in conversation with Barbara. Founder of the College of Naturopathic Nutrition, Barbara spearheaded the resurgence of awareness around traditional naturopathic techniques. But more than that, Barbara is pioneering true new paradigm thinking when it comes to health, where nutrition serves as a gateway to the spiritual, and the two are inextricably connected. In this fascinating in-depth interview, she talks about how she came to be interested in this work, which naturopathic practices she considers most important, the benefits of urine therapy, and how proper nutrition is essential for spiritual development.

I highly recommend her books Cellular Awakening and Our Return to the Light, for those who want to take the subject further.

Listen to the interview with Barbara Wren

Interview recorded in May 2014

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