Andrea Nakayama

Functional Nutritionist

Andrea Nakayama is an internationally known Functional Medicine Nutritionist, educator, and speaker who is leading a movement to transform the health industry, empowering patients and practitioners alike with the systems and tools of Functional Nutrition. She is the creator of Full Body Systems, a comprehensive online nutrition immersion programme.

Andrea is celebrated as a leader in the field of Functional Nutrition because of her unique ability to teach and inspire practitioners and patients alike. Andrea synthesizes art and science, empathy and physiology, intuition and problem solving, into a system that truly helps people get to the root cause of their illness, create a path towards wellness, and find their way back to life.

Andrea formed Functional Nutrition Lab in 2012 , and there you can find different courses depending on how deep you want to go into the world of Functional Nutrition. Full Body Systems is the 10-month long immersion programme, or you may just want to dip your toe in with the Reframe Nutrition course.

In this interview, Andrea shares with us her personal journey into Functional Nutrition, through her husband being diagnosed with a brain tumour. She explains to us exactly what Functional Nutrition is, and how it fills an important gap in the modern healthcare approach. She tells us about the concept of bioindividuality, which is so central to the understanding of Functional Nutrition, and moving away from the quick fix approach to achieve true healing. Andrea is a wonderful teacher, and a must-listen for anyone wanting to empower themselves on their own health journey.

You can play the podcast by clicking here.

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