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Deep Healing Yoga Sessions

Kate’s yoga sessions are deeply healing and therapeutic, including the use of Tibetan singing bowls, mantras, massage, reiki, meditation, and cacao. Kate will guide you through a gentle vinyasa practice, with lots of hands-on assists to guide your body into releasing tension. The sequence will feel stable and comfortable at all times. The aim of these sessions is not to achieve some idealised version of a pose, but by focussing on the breath and the internal awareness of the posture, to take you further into your being and strengthen your relationship with your inner self to achieve a state of zen and calm.

Kate has had a personal practice for 30 years, and has followed Sivananda, Kundalini and Bikram methods in that time. She has newly completed her 200 hr YTT in London with Stewart Gilchrist, one of the world’s leading yoga teachers. Stewart’s emphasis is anchored in the ancient traditions of yoga, bringing to life the timeless wisdom of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras in a uniquely contemporary way.

Ian says, “”The fact that you are teaching the philosophy and breathing is very powerful, as by the end of the session it has put me in a meditative state. I’ve come out physically tired, but my mind is relaxed. With the music, it becomes a spiritual experience for me as I feel like my whole body is being energised and my chakras are being woken up. I feel more focused & alert as a result. I’m also sleeping really well.”

INTRODUCTORY OFFER UNTIL END OF THE YEAR ONLY, JUST £25. Combine a 90 minute yoga session with a consultation or an infra-red sauna session for just £20 for a 121 or £15 per person for groups of 2-4. To book, visit Raw Living or email

Price will rise to £55 in January. Clients who started in 2019 can continue to book at the discount price throughout 2020. 

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