Raw Magic Dinner Parties

Themed Pop Up Dinners

Kate loves to host dinner parties wherever she travels. These five course events always start with a welcome (non-alcoholic) cocktail. Guests are seated to enjoy an appetizer, entree, and dessert. To round off the evening, you will enjoy a warm drink and an after-dinner treat.

Kate uses generous amounts of superfoods in all her dishes, such as micro-algaes, medicinal mushrooms, and adaptogens. Fermented foods and drinks always play a part to optimise digestion, and good food-combining is taken into consideration. Kate doesn’t use a lot of nuts or dried-fruit in her cuisine, and all meals are low-glycaemic, following general Paleo and ketogenic principles.

But never mind the nutrition! What’s most important is that these events are super fun. The food is outstandingly delicious, the plating is beautiful, the settings are awesome, and you know what the best part actually is? The guests. We love to bring together like-minded individuals for a wonderful evening of stimulating conversation with old friends and new.

The dinners are usually themed to a particular style of world cuisine. Previous events have included Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Moroccan, Thai, Korean, Japanese, American, and Indian.

If there isn’t a dinner party in the diary near you, why not host one? Kate loves to travel wherever there are hungry people keen to enjoy a next-level dinner menu. Email to arrange an event in your area.

2019 Dinner Parties

Feb 8th Raw Magic Dinner at Alchemy, Bali
Feb 18th, Raw Magic Chinese, Auckland NZ
Feb 22nd, Medicinal Mushrooms Dinner, Raw Balance, NZ

2018 Dinner Parties

Feb 17th, at Raw Balance, Taupo, NZ
May 26th, Medicinal Mushrooms Dinner, London UK
July 14th Fermentation Dinner, London UK
Aug 10th Pop Up at The Love Shack London UK
Sep 14th Raw Magic American at Moo Jersey UK
Oct 12th Raw Magic Japanese in Gothenburg Sweden
Nov 2nd Raw Magic Chinese at Ve Cardiff UK

2017 Dinner Parties

Jan 31st, Raw Magic Mexican, at Hidden Julles, Warrenton, USA
Feb 18th, Raw Magic Chinese, at Kontiki Studios, London UK
April 1st, Raw Magic Indian, at Asparagasm, Gloucs, UK
April 8th, Raw Magic Korean, at Matter Wholefoods, Bristol UK
April 29th, Raw Magic Korean, at Badaboom, Nice, France
May 2nd, Raw Magic Thai, with Naomi’s Kitchen, Monaco, France
June 7th, Raw Magic American at Earthlings, Manchester UK
June 17th, Raw Magic Mexican at Margate Arts Club, Margate UK
Sep 13th, at Yoga Food, Reykjavik, Iceland
Sep 26th, at Abbeydore Court, Hereford, UK


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