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I have taught this work as part of my courses many times, but in 2019 I began sharing it as a stand-alone class complete with practical exercises. My deepest desire with everything I do is to enable us all to enter more fully into the love and the magic that is our true nature, to help us undo trauma and learned conditional behaviours, so that we may step boldly into our authentic power and majesty. I use raw foods as a key to unlocking our innate divine intelligence, and as the vegan compassionate lifestyle grows exponentially more popular, I feel the time is right for me to share this message in a way that is even closer to my heart, in a class dedicated purely to the magic.

Live the life of your dreams.

Manifest everything your heart desires.

Experience increased synchronicity and serendipity.

Live in a state of grace and ease.

Move through life from a place of flow and balance.

Practical tools for tapping into the magic within you.

The day includes a raw vegan lunch, snacks, drinks and some gentle yoga.

I’ve been living the magic way for three decades, and in that time, I’ve learned some solid, reliable, relatable tips for helping you create the life of your dreams. Contrary to popular belief, the key to manifestation is in what you can give, not what you can get. Peel back the layers to reveal your authentic self, and learn the power of being present to what is. I promise you that this class will be packed full of advice that is easy to implement and effective to follow. I won’t be telling you anything you won’t already instinctively know to be true; I’m simply helping you to connect more fully to those truths within you.

I believe the most important work we can be doing at this time is to embody the understanding of ourselves as eternal beings with infinite potential, so that we can turn our world away from the brink of catastrophe. When we work with the universal energies, magic and miracles become the daily norm, and we no longer perceive problems in life, just opportunities for growth and endless expansion into a deeper awareness of the oneness and the wonder of all things.

Topics for Discussion

What is Magic? Understanding energy from the quantum perspective.
The Gratitude Tap
Radical Self-Love
The Universe as a Hologram
Escaping the Slavery Mentality
Positive Reframing
Defining your own Metrics for Success
Turning Obstacles into Opportunities
Synchronicity & Serendipity

Cacao Ceremonies

I also offer this work as part of a Cacao Ceremony. I have been working with cacao since 2004, was one of the first people in the UK to start working with it, and have taught hundreds of classes on it; I am intimately acquainted with this plant and its power! My Cacao Ceremonies are unique, and not like other ceremonies you may have encountered. I make a specially created 7-chakra activation drink, and everyone gets a chance to connect with the medicine personally. Ceremonies can be condensed into three hours, but for a chance to really spread into the healing potentials of the plant, five hours is recommended. These are a wonderful exercise for a small group of friends to do together, to deepen bonds, and do something different from the norm.

“Saturday’s workshop was amazing, I knew of course it was going to be good, but here I am a few days later and am still feeling blown away by the experience. I was actually feeling really anxious and nervous before the workshop started, all the usual things of how many people will be there? Will I fit in? etc etc….the usual things . Within moments of arriving, Kate greeted me and I felt calmer just by being in her presence. The day was one of the most beautiful experiences I have had for such a long time, the group were wonderful, and Kate was the shining light, giving us some real life-changing tools that I am now using everyday. The day was a total reset and shifted so much for me. The food was of course the most delicious nutritional delight imaginable. I am now feeling much clearer on making simple but really deep changes in my life. I feel totally humbled and grateful to have been part of the group that day.  I am now planing on coming to the next available event and the one after that and after that …..” Tracy

“I loved on Saturday being able to talk to other people on the same wavelength.  It is so much better to learn about gratitude, radical self-love, visualisation etc. from Kate who has been doing all these things for so long. Her experience is phenomenal. 

My mind has been opened up even more to all the possibilities available to everyone to achieve living a life of their dreams.  My outlook on life has changed for the better.  Kate put life’s ups and downs into perspective, giving us tools to adjust our thoughts and actions.

I now feel a freedom I haven’t felt before and it feels good!  I’m putting into practice all that she taught and am looking forward to reaping the rewards of my endeavours.  Thank you Kate and Raw Living for all that you do.” Eileen

If you would love to host a Magical Living class in your area, or you need any further info about the class, please email

Magical Living Classes 2019

London, March 30th
Cardiff, July 6th
Planthub London, Aug 10th
Wales, Sep 23rd

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