From Kate

Running An Ethical Business

The Power of Intention

And Playing To Your Strengths

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A Quick Guide To Manifestation

You Are Not Broken

And You Don't Need Anyone or Anything To Prove That.

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And The Power of The Relational

Or Why I Didn't Write So Much This Year.

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Radical Self-Love

And Breaking Social Media Addiction

The evolutionary value to transforming your internal dialogue.

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Patriarchy, The Slavery Mentality and Workaholicism

Wake Up and Smell the Roses

Why do we work, how much do we work, and is it healthy?

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Princess Kailua

A Fairy Tale

On What Really Makes a Princess Happy.

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The Apple Farmer & The Thieves

A Christmas Fairy Tale

For Our Time

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Some Sick Advice

Getting Sick is Not Sick

Winter Wellness Tips

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What the World Needs Now

Is Love, Sweet Love

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Who Is The Empowered Woman?

A Manifesto

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Ten Steps To Being a Revolutionary

Effective Actions for Real Change

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The Four Brains

Head, Heart, Gut & Universal

On Creating Resonance in Our Lives

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SuperMagic Spring Detox

April is the best time to get your Detox on

Love your liver.

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The Revolution

Will Put You in the Driver's Seat

The Revolution Will Be Live

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The Universe Is

Made of Rainbow Holograms of Love

Understanding the universe’s eternally benevolent mirror.

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On Being a Vegan

For Nearly 30 Years

Everything is possible, even long-term healthy vegans.

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Stop Playing Small

Because perceived failure is merely the cosmos ushering us towards something greater.

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Why I Am Not Worried

About the Things That I Am Worried About

The universe has my back.

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