high vibrational cuisine

Blue Lemonade Pie

Blue Sky Thinking

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Umami Kale and Kelp Noodles

A Total Taste Bomb

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Proper Green Smoothie

How the pros do it

All the greens, none of the excuses.

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Do You Like My Laksa

Malaysian Coconut Curry

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The Authentic Bread

Honestly, It's the Best Yet

A Living Bread for a Life Truly Lived

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Superfood Banoffee

In A Class Of Its Own

You'd be bananas to bypass this recipe (sorry, but you would).

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Chocolate Rebirth Smoothie

To Take You to the Next Level.

That magic place where super healthy and super indulgent meet.

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It's All About the Broth

Winter Comfort Food.

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My Number One Favourite

Truly, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

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Chaga Tiramisu

I'm in Love

No coffee, but chaga and maca to give you a healthy caffeine-free buzz

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Sesame Kimchi

Korean Magic

If you don't love this Kimchi, then sorry but I don't think we can be friends.

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Superfood Spring Rolls

Who knew seaweed and beansprouts could be so tasty?

These will get demolished quicker than you can say "Egg Fried Rice."

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Sublime Sushi

A Melt in the Mouth Sushi Recipe

Great for snacks, lunches and parties

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Rainbow Cake

Made by unicorns, for unicorns

A divinely light coconut sponge cake.

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Magic Lemonade

Secret Lemonade Drinker

Move over green juice, this will become your new favourite alkalising, hydrating beverage.

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Winter Warmer

The hot, milky, frothy drink to end all hot, milky, frothy drinks.

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