Cacao Ceremony Testimonials

Summer Solstice 2020

Cacao Ceremonies are a beautiful way to shift our energy into our heartspace. They are becoming increasingly popular, because as humans we need ritual to enable us to step back from our day to day responsibilities, and create space to unwind and reflect.  Using cacao as medicine is a fun and non-harmful way to do that. Kate Magic's Cacao Ceremonies include gratitude, intention setting, visualisation, manifestation creation, gentle yoga and guided meditation. They can last from 2hrs to 7hrs, and are held online or in person. This recording is the closing 10 mins of a Cacao Ceremony Kate did for Emma and Steve of The Cardiff School of Naturopathy. You can hear in the participants voices how moved they were by the 2hr online ceremony, and hear from them how powerful they found it. To find out when the next Cacao Ceremony is, go to the events page at Raw Living. If you would love Kate to host a ceremony in your area or online for you, email

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Emma Jones Phillips

This interview with Emma Jones Phillips, head of the Cardiff school of Naturopathic Nutrition goes into comprehensive detail on what is actually happening on a cellular level when a virus enters the body. Emma explains to us the principles of cellular health, the Bechamp theory of the terrain, and why a healthy person has nothing to fear from a virus. We explore the factors that lead to chronic health conditions, how these become fatal, and why people with chronic health conditions or auto-immune conditions are more susceptible to the virus.

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Raw Summit 2020

Free Online Video

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Magical Affirmation

For March 2020

Affirmations work by reprogramming the subconscious mind. It doesn't matter whether you believe the affirmation consciously or not, when you hear it, your frequency shifts, your unconscious beliefs shift, and so your life starts to shift.

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Annie Jubb

Queen of the Liver Flush

Annie Jubb is Queen of the Liver Flush! She has worked with thousands of clients on detox programmes, including many of Hollywood’s most celebrated actors and musicians. She is particularly known for her work with the liver, and when I decided it would be a great idea to do a podcast on liver flushes, Annie was the first person to come to mind to give us the liver lowdown. She discusses why liver flushes are important, and how to do one successfully.

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Dark Horse Organic

Greg Arnold

Greg Arnold is an LA-based chef and founder of Dark Horse Organic, a range of crazily tasty superfood-based culinary ingredients, including mustards, vinaigrette, ketchup and bouillon. In this interview, he shares with us a little about the different products in the range, as well as the ethos and intention behind the food.

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Coracao Confections

Sean Jewell

Sean Jewell from Coracao Confections shares with us the history of Coracao, how they make their amazing chocolates, which their best-selling products are. If you haven't tried Coracao, I can't recommend it enough! It is my favourite treat. 

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Andrea Nakayama

Functional Nutritionist

Andrea Nakayama is an internationally known Functional Medicine Nutritionist, educator, and speaker who is leading a movement to transform the health industry, empowering patients and practitioners alike with the systems and tools of Functional Nutrition. She is the creator of Full Body Systems, a comprehensive online nutrition immersion programme.  In this interview, Andrea shares with us her personal journey into Functional Nutrition, through her husband being diagnosed with a brain tumour. She explains to us exactly what Functional Nutrition is, and how it fills an important gap in the modern healthcare approach. She tells us about the concept of bioindividuality, which is so central to the understanding of Functional Nutrition, and moving away from the quick fix approach to achieve true healing.

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Pur O3

Tobias Segal

Pur O3 make the most comprehensive range of high quality ozonated oils in the world. In this interview, Tobias Segal talks about the benefits of ozonation, and the range of different products Pur O3 offer, from toothcare to skincare, deodorants and more. 

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Gabriel Cousens

Holistic Physician

Dr Gabriel Cousens is the founder of The Tree of Life Centre in Arizona, and one of the leading holistic physicians in the world. He teaches "Spiritual Nutrition": food not just for the physical body but also the light body. He believes that as much as 30% of our energy comes from the spiritual dimension, and that raw vegan foods are the best foods for nourishing that aspect of ourselves.

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Cherie Soria

Founder of The Living Light Institute

Cherie Soria, founder of the Living Light Institute. Cherie Soria studied with Ann and Viktoras, and is often referred to as "the mother of raw vegan cuisine." She founded the Living Light Institute in California in 1997, one of the leading raw food chef schools in the world. Now in her late 70's, she is still a radiant example of glowing health, and her main passion is running ultra-marathons! Listen back and be inspired by this lady's beautiful journey through life, and the wisdom and knowledge she has to share around maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Anima Mundi Herbals

Adriana Ayales

Anima Mundi Herbals draws on ancient plant traditions from around the world, including China, India, the Americas and Europe, to create an alchemical range of tonics, teas, oils and elixirs for modern day lifestyles. In this interview, founder Adriana Ayales discusses how the company was born, the ethics of the company, and tells us about some of the most popular products.

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E3 Live

Michael Saiber

Michael Saiber is the founder and president of E3 Live, the world's foremost producer of Klamath Lake algae products. In this fascinating interview, Michael tells us how he got started in the business, what is special about the Klamath Lake, some of the benefits of the algae, and we discuss some of the different products in the E3 range.

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The Urban Fermentery

Nicola Stransky

The Urban Fermentery produce outstanding vegan Kimchi products. This podcast interview with founder Nicola Stransky goes into the benefits of probiotic foods, and how to make authentic Kimchi, as well as detailing the products in the range.

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Mike Wakeman

Neubria is a brand new range of supplements specifically created for brain health. Formulated using high quality botanicals with premium vitamins and minerals, these powerful blends come in beautiful presentation blister packs with helpful advice pamphlets enclosed. In this interview with Mike Wakeman, we learn more about the different products in the range and how each is individually created to benefit us in specific ways. 

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SweetLeaf Stevia

Claudia Baker

Stevia is the only sweetener that registers at 0 on the glycemic index, so is suitable for everyone, even diabetics and those on an anti-candida diet. SweetLeaf is the leading brand of Stevia in the USA. Learn more about the foundations of the company, the benefits of Stevia, and the different products in the range in this interview with Claudia Baker. 

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Ron Teeguarden

Dragon Herbs

Ron Teeguarden is widely considered to be the the foremost promoter of Tonic Herbalism in the USA. He is the man behind Dragon Herbs, who produce an extraordinary range of high quality Chinese herbs, tinctures, teas and formulations. In this fascinating interview, Ron shares how he got started back in the 80s, some of his favourite herbs including reishi, he shou wu and ginseng, how to get off coffee, and how best to take the herbs.

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Harmonic Innerprizes

David Barbash

Harmonic Innerprizes was founded in 1995 by Patrick Bailey, who was led to discover the unique properties of some mineral deposits in the Mount Shasta region of California. Since then, the company has gone on to develop a wide range of high octave nutrition supplements, including Etherium Gold and Aulterra. In this interview with David Barbash, learn more about the Etheriums, their benefits, and how to use them.

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Simon Ranger

Simon Ranger is the founder of Seagreens, a range of organic, sustainably wild harvested, air-dried, nutrient-rich seaweed from the Outer Hebrides. He is also the founder of the Seaweed Health Foundation, which is dedicated to researching the benefits of sea vegetables.

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Gemstone Organic

Debra Haugen

Debra Haugen is the founder of Gemstone Organic, a range of luxury raw organic skincare creams which use gemstone essences as their base. Debra shares with us how she formulates her creams, and the different ingredients and gemstones that go into each one.

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Monk Oil

City Skin Oil is handmade with love and intention in Brooklyn by Monika and Katie. "We wondered how to create that feeling of calm, inner stability and harmony with the outer world while still in the city.  Monk Oil came out of that need. Monk Oil was imagined with a blend of ingredients to support the body, the soul, and the spirit". 

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Lynne McTaggart

Best-selling author, researcher, and lecturer

In this interview, Lynne recaps on this early work but what she's really keen to discuss is her latest book, The Power of Eight, which came out last year. Developing on from her work researching The Field, Lynne has been running Intention Experiments and workshops. She tells us the incredible results she has been getting, having groups of people meditate together at the same time on the same thing (not necessarily in the same place).

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Now Alchemy

Archer Love

Now Alchemy produces premium quality Ormus Gold from LA, California. In this episode, founder Archer Love explains what ormus is, tells us a little about its history, what it does, and how he makes it. Ormus is a mineral rich alchemical substance made from Dead Sea salt, which promotes both physical and spiritual well-being. 

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Gourmet Spirulina

Charly Margain

Charly Margain of Gourmet Spirulina discusses the process of making truly raw spirulina, as well as the benefits of this incredible superfood, and how his company works to share the wonders of spirulina with as many people as possible.

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Four Sigmatic

Tero Isokauppila

Tero Isokaupilla discusses the benefits of reishi, lion's mane, cordyceps, and chaga with Kate Magic, and the magic of taking them the Four Sigmatic way, in easy to drink sachets.

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Jing Herbs

George Lamoureux

Dr George Lamoureux, founder of Jing Herbs, talks about the three treasures of Chinese medicine, Jing, Chi and Shen, which herbs to take to support them, and how to take them.

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Living Libations

Nadine Artemis

Nadine is the founder of Living Libations, a holistic organic raw vegan skincare range which sends its fans into rhapsodies over her life-changing formulations for skincare, bodycare, shampoos, and most notably oral health products. Nadine is an expert on holistic oral health care, and shares some of the wisdom from her book Holistic Dental Care in this interview.

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Shaman Shack

Rehmannia Dean Thomas

Rehmannia is the founder of Shaman Shack, producers of an exceptionally high quality range of Chinese herbs, focussing particularly on medicinal mushrooms. Rehmannia has an incredible depth of knowledge and understanding of Chinese herbalism, and in this interview he eloquently explains some of the principles of the tradition in a way that makes it easier to grasp.

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Sun Potion

Scott Linde

Sun Potion produce a premier line of carefully curated superfoods. In this interview, founder Scott Linde shares some of his favourite herbs, and the care and dedication that go into offering such a high quality range.

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Jose Ordeix

Algamar promotes and spreads the wonderful nutritional properties of the native marine algae from Galicia, Spain, on the Atlantic coast.

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Yummy Scrummy

Dan Knowlson

Yummy Scrummy is a raw vegan chocolate snack bar free from sugar and gluten, produced in Bristol and winner of a good taste award. Listen to an interview with Dan Knowlson who created the company with his wife.

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Gopal’s Health Foods

Ed MacMillan

Gopal's Health Foods produce high quality organic sprouted nut and seed based snack foods. Learn more about this vegan company and their ethos in this interview with Ed Macmillan.

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Elena Semenova

Wrawp produce a line of vegan organic raw gluten-free wraps and pizza bases. Learn more about the company and their ethos in this interview with founder Elena Semenova.

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Jem Organics

Jen Moore

Jem Organics make a range of premium activated nut butters. But to call them nut butters is a bit of an understatement! Let's say they are one of the most divinely delicious things you can find in a jar. Learn more about the care and integrity that goes into Jem with CEO Jen Moore.

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Sun and Seed

Rosana Mirkovic

Rosana Mirkovic of Sun and Seed discusses the ethos of the company with Kate Magic. Sun and Seed produce raw and sprouted nut and seed products of the highest quality.

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Flax Farm


Clare Skelton talks about the unique properties of flax and how her company takes such care in processing their flaxseed products.

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Richard talks about how he got started in the raw chocolate business and how he's grown to be Europe's leading raw chocolate manufacturer.

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Centre for Implosion Research

Dolly Knight

Kate chats to Dolly about how the technology works, what its benefits are, and how they are best utilised. Kate and Dolly also discuss water and the memory of water, and how that affects us in our lives.

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Almighty Foods

Almighty Foods is a young company from Perthshire, Scotland, who stone grind all their nut butters and botanical chocolate bars. Click the player below to learn more about their ethos and their products in an interview with Josh, the co-founder of the company.

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Craig Sams

Founder of Whole Earth Foods and Green & Black's

Craig was instrumental in creating both the organic and fairtrade sectors in the UK, and encouraging the current mainstream interest in health food products. This is a fascinating interview for everyone interested in the roots of the movement, and how an entrepreneur keeps going despite the ups and downsof business. Listen to the end for […]

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Holly Paige

Pioneer in Neuroactive Nutrition

Holly Paige is founder of Food for Consciousness, based in Devon. She believes that we, as humans, are equipped to live in ecstatically connected states, functionally and sustainably, feeling youthful and developing our potential for our entire lives. We can rediscover how to live like this. Our DNA still retains the information and we have […]

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Nadine Artemis

Founder of Living Libations

Nadine Artemis is the founder of cult beauty brand, Living Libations. In this interview, she is discussing her book, Renegade Beauty. She has as incredibly in-depth holistic understanding of the body and our skin and how best to treat it, and this is a must-listen interview for everyone who wants the best for this physical […]

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Karen Ranzi

Author of Creating Healthy Children

Karen Ranzi has been a raw vegan nearly 30 years. She raised her two children this way, and is the author of Super Healthy Children. She is a passionate advocator of the vegan lifestyle, and this interview is a must-listen for anyone who is considering raising their children as vegans.

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Fred Bisci

Author of Your Healthy Journey

Fred Bisci is a native New Yorker who has been a raw vegan longer than most of us have been alive! He has been living and eating this way for over fifty years, and is a glowing example to us all. In this interview, listen to Fred sharing his journey with us, and his tips […]

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Shaman Durek

Spiritual Guide + Healer

Durek is increasingly being recognised as one of the most powerful advocates for Shamanism of his generation. Durek is from a lineage of shamans, healers, and energy workers, and truly embodies what it means to be a shaman in today’s world. In this interview, learn about what really a shaman is, and how we apply […]

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Pedro Martinto

Raw Organic Peruvian Foods

Pedro Martinho is the head of a farming co-operative in Peru, producing high quality produce for the international market. This is an in-depth interview for all the cacao nerds! He shares in great detail how the cacao is grown and how it is processed (without the use of heat), into the products that we have […]

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Sandor Ellix Katz

Godfather of the Current Fermentation Movement

Sandor Ellix Katz is the forerunner of the current wave of interest in fermentation. Author of Wild Fermentation and The Art of Fermentation, his books and his work sparked it all of back in 2003. If you love fermented foods and drinks, this is a must-listen interview to hear from the man himself.  

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GT Dave

Of GT's Living Foods

GT Dave is the man behind Synergy Kombucha, the drink that is now taking over the world. His brand of Synergy Kombucha was most people’s introduction to this wonderful fermented beverage. He tells us about the initial inspiration being his mother’s journey with cancer, and the story of humble beginnings selling to a single store […]

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The Medicine Flower Company

Alysia Gaye

Alysia’s background is in aromatherapy and perfumery and we discuss her history working with plants, and she shares her passion for the scents and magical potency of flowers and fruits.

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Sacred Chocolate

Audio Interview with Steve Adler, founder of Sacred Chocolate

Steve Adler is the founder of Sacred Chocolate, generally regarded to make some of the best raw chocolate in the world. Here, Kate Magic talks to him about how he got started, his process in making the chocolate, and the alchemy involved.

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Rob Verkerk

Of ANH International

I am a big fan of Rob’s work, and if you read my articles regularly, or have been to any of my talks, you have probably heard me mention ANH. When the EU regulations restricting the sale of herbs came in in 2013, I was pretty distraught, and didn’t know where to turn. The resources […]

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Barbara Wren

Author of "Cellular Awakening" and "Our Return to the Light"

It was such an honour to spend an hour in conversation with Barbara. Founder of the College of Naturopathic Nutrition, Barbara spearheaded the resurgence of awareness around traditional naturopathic techniques. But more than that, Barbara is pioneering true new paradigm thinking when it comes to health, where nutrition serves as a gateway to the spiritual, and […]

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David Wagner

of Advanced Tachyon Technologies

David Wagner is the pioneer of Tachyon Technology. Tachyon is a pioneering fusion of quantum science and energy medicine, that creates quantum healing wherever it is applied. Tachyon can be used in just about any way imaginable, but is particularly necessary nowadays as protection against the ever-increasing dangers of electro-magnetic pollution. In this interview, David […]

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Of Shaman Shack Herbs

This is our second interview with Shaman Shack founder, Rehmannia. If you are a fan of Chinese herbs, this interview is required listening. Rehmannia has so much wisdom to share, and has a unique way of translating the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine in a way that is accessible to the Western mind.  

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