Audio Inspiration

Lynne McTaggart

Best-selling author, researcher, and lecturer

On The Power of Intention

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Craig Sams

Founder of Whole Earth Foods and Green & Black's

Organic and fairtrade food pioneer.

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Holly Paige

Pioneer in Neuroactive Nutrition

Author of Food for Consciousness

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Nadine Artemis

Founder of Living Libations

Author of Renegade Beauty

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Karen Ranzi

Author of Creating Healthy Children

On Raising Raw Vegan Children.

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Fred Bisci

Author of Your Healthy Journey

Raw Vegan For Over 50 Years

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Shaman Durek

Spiritual Guide + Healer

On the true meaning of shamanism in today's world.

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Pedro Martinto

Raw Organic Peruvian Foods

An insight into organic and fair trade farming in Peru

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Sandor Ellix Katz

Godfather of the Current Fermentation Movement

Author of Wild Fermentation and The Art of Fermentation

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GT Dave

Of GT's Living Foods

On pioneering the kombucha industry, and the benefits of this fermented beverage.

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Brian & Anna Maria Clement

Of the Hippocrates Health Institute

On the history of the living foods movement, and their pioneering work in the field.

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Of Shaman Shack Herbs

On Traditional Chinese Herbalism & the Use of Tonic Herbs.

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Barbara Wren

Author of "Cellular Awakening" and "Our Return to the Light"

On naturopathy and detoxification techniques.

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Rob Verkerk

Of ANH International

On health freedom and the importance of nutrition.

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David Wagner

of Advanced Tachyon Technologies

On electromagnetic pollution, and harmonising our energy fields.

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Kate Magic