Raw Magic Advanced Courses

Five day comprehensive training

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This five-day course is for people who have been doing raw foods for a while and want to take their knowledge and expertise to the next level.

  • If you want to avoid getting stuck in a rut
  • If you’re not getting those huge bursts of energy that you got at the beginning and need new inspiration
  • If you find it difficult to stick to what you know and need new motivation
  • If you want to expand your kitchen repertoire and grow your confidence with raw cuisine
  • If you are considering teaching classes yourself
  • If you are looking to start a raw catering business
  • If you are a wholefoods chef looking to add raw dishes to your existing menu
  • If you’re a yoga teacher, naturopath or holistic therapist who wants a basic understanding of raw food nutrition to pass onto your clients
  • If you’re a mum whose family wants to treat you to a week for yourself (which they will also benefit from when you return home!)
  • If you want to connect with like-minded individuals who are on a similar path to you
  • If a week talking about and eating raw foods sounds like heaven to you!

South of France, 2013

South of France, 2013

Kate has taught the class to hundreds of people since she launched it at the beginning of 2012, and it’s been enthusiastically received wherever she’s gone.

Participants are always blown away by the amount of information that’s packed into the five days, and the level of knowledge that they are leaving with. But more than that, attendees love how the course facilitates a personal journey into themselves and their relationship with food that is truly magical.

At the end of the course, you will feel uplifted, inspired, motivated and clear what your next steps will be, both with the diet, and within your own personal journey.

This course is a fast-track into raw foods that will save you years in wrong turnings and dead-ends. And also it’s a fast-track into aligning with your own magical self, and finding ways to express that fully in the world.

Kate will cover the full spectrum of the Raw Magic lifestyle; we promise that you will finish the course armed with a practical knowledge of how to make magic in the kitchen, along with a transformed awareness of how to empower yourself and implement the magic in your world.

Everyone who completes the course satisfactorily will receive a certificate, an endorsement from Kate and Raw Living. You also receive the exclusive course manual, a 50 page workbook for you to take home and refer to.


The course runs 12.0-6.0 pm each day. We take a break of up to an hour in the middle of each day at 2.30.

All participants get 10% off their Raw Living shopping for a week after the course. This discount code does not cover equipment or previously discounted items. Raw Living does not usually offer a discount on equipment, but for attendees on an Advanced Course, we are able to offer 10% off a Froothie blender, and 10% off an Excalibur dehydrator. Please email to purchase. This offer will expire a month after the course ends.

The Course

We reserve the right to amend the course if necessary.

Day One

There is no food prep on this day. We will provide drinks and a light lunch. Please feel free to bring extra snacks with you. We will discuss the philosophy and foundation of Raw Magic, and give everyone a chance to talk about your own personal goals and intentions. We will also cover holistic detox techniques and begin discussing superfoods.

Other topics covered on the course include: the most important principles to create the best foundation in the body for optimum cellular health; travelling and how to stay raw when you’re not at home in your own kitchen; children on raw; and what in Kate’s experience is the best raw food diet for the Northern European climate. Kate will share information on all the important elements to include on a raw food diet, from both the nutritional aspect, so as a chef you will be creating dishes with optimum nutrition and maximum digestibility, and equally the flavour aspect, so you will be creating recipes that your friends and family repeatedly tell you are the best things they have ever tasted! We will comprehensively cover all the new and unusual ingredients that comprise the raw store cupboard and how to work them into your recipes. There are ample opportunities to taste both the food and the individual ingredients throughout the day.

Day Two

Kate will teach you how to make green juice, sushi, raw breads, raw chocolate, and desserts. Sample recipes: Green Juice, Sublime Sushi, Onion Bread, Deviation Chocolate, Gorgeous Goji Pudding.

Day Three

Kate will explain hemp milks, raw mayonnaises, kale chips, curry sauces, and candies. Sample recipes: Hemp Milk, Mystic Mayo, Kale Chips, Cosmic Curry, Rum n Raisin Fudge.

Day Four

We will cover smoothies, burgers, salads, crackers, puddings, and pies. Sample recipes:  SuperSmoothie, Love Burgers, Hardcore Salad, Chris’s Muddy Crackers, Return of the Sun Cheesecake.

Day Five

Kate will teach you how to make chia dishes, soups, relish, and last but not least, the legendary Quantum Cake. Sample recipes:  Renegade Chia, Green Goddess Soup (with Kelp noodles), Golden Relish, Quantum Cake.

What Previous Course Participants Say

“Thank you Kate for an amazingly Magic week! Thank you for your hard work and energy. Raw Magic in Goa was everything I wanted and much more….because of you I now have 22 new friends!” Sonia, UK

“It was an amazing time…. powerful learning experience being a part of the Raw Magic school. Thank you.” Anna, UK.

“Kate’s workshops are magical! She is such a sweet and wonderful person, you just gotta love her. She’s SO enthusiastic about her food and lifestyle, and when you look at her, you clearly see WHY you should start eating with awareness. She inspired me to make raw food delicious, to use superfoods on a daily basis and to really enjoy this lifestyle.” Nicolas, Denmark

“The course was an inspirational, spiritually awakening, refreshing and mind expanding experience that I believe everyone should take part in before they embark on a raw food journey. The most valuable things that I have learned is that it is not a diet, it is a way of life, and that you must include other vital rituals so we can make the most out of our lives as a whole. Kate’s experience, sharing and teaching is an essential part of the raw food revolution. Thank you so much.” Leah, UK

We have a strict cancellation policy, due to the amount of time and effort that goes into the planning of these events. If you cancel before the stated date ( a month before the start date, please check the exact date when you book) we will retain £100 non-refundable deposit and refund you the remainder. If you cancel on or after the stated date, we regret that we are unable to offer you any refund. You could of course find someone else to take your place, and transfer your booking into their name.

Please note, you must attend every day of the course as it’s very disruptive to the energy of the group if people leave early or join late. Please do not book on if you cannot attend all five days, or contact us first to discuss your situation if you feel it’s genuinely unavoidable. You must complete at least 23 hours to receive the certificate. We reserve the right not to give participants the certificate if we feel they have not received the full benefits of the course due to lack of attendance or other issues eg language difficulties.

Booking and enquiries

Go here to book online now or email if you want to put down a deposit.

We can give you the opportunity to pay in instalments. We require £100 non-refundable deposit for non-residential spaces, and a £150 deposit for residential spaces, to secure your place. We require the balance in full four weeks before the course starts. There is a £10 admin fee if you choose this option.

Advanced Courses 2019

Taupo, NZ
Feb 16-Mar 2nd

April 26-30

London, UK
Jun 21-25

Advanced Courses 2018

Taupo, NZ
Feb 23rd-27th

June 22-26
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Advanced Courses 2017

Warrenton, VA USA
Jan 25-29

Manchester UK
June 9th-13th

Check out all upcoming classes here.

If you’re unable to attend a course near you, you can find the online version here.

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